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March Moodboard – Turquoise and Saffron

With the arrival of March, we are well and truly ready for Spring! Taking inspiration from Vanessa’s new collection, our home design consultant Clair has put together this months mood with a turquoise and saffron colour scheme.

‘Tea Time’ is a quirky and eclectic design perfect for kitchens and dining rooms. The large pattern makes it particularly suitable for curtains and blinds. Clair has chosen the Clay, Powder Blue and Lemon colour way here and teamed it with some turquoise Shibori’ and Origami’ to brighten it up. These would be great for cushions or seat covers. Our new range of velvets have been especially chosen by Vanessa to complement her printed linens and the Smoke’ blue and Honey’ yellow tone in really well with these designs. Finish your room off with some beautiful fresh flowers (we love Gerberas from our local florist Oops a Daisy) and some brightly coloured pottery such as the David Garland mugs above.

You can order samples of all of the fabrics in the picture above by clicking here – and don’t forget to send us snaps of your moodboards and rooms!

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  1. Joyce Morris says:

    Firstly, thanks for the blog! Really enjoy.
    I wanted to say that we have recently moved house and, although there’s a mountain out there of fabrics to choose from, I found myself returning to Vanessa, ( sorry for the familiarity, but, amongst other fans, it is how you she is known), simply because hardly anyone else appears to offer a variety of different prints with each one in the same colour so that it’s easy to mix and match and therefore achieving an exciting result with the confidence of it looking good.
    Thank you!

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