Animals Fabric

Our fantastical animal print fabric called 'Wild and Free' tells a story.  My daughter Rose drew these wonderful shapes whist visiting the British Museum.....she drew the charging bull from a 4th Century BC Etruscan vase, and the more magical creatures from ancient cave drawings.

She feasted on 7th Century BC Assyrian relief carvings of deer hunts. These animals are leaping across the width of fabric interspersed with atmospheric African Acacia trees. Stylised animals forms have been depicted in art works for centuries and indeed are the first images discovered several centuries BC.

Where will this animal design fit in a house? What can it be used for?

This animal design makes amazing curtains, blinds and cushions for any room in the house.

This animal fabric is so inspiring for any children's bedroom, playroom or nursery, but is also grown up enough to decorate an adult space too. It comes in lighter colours such as Limestone, Mallow Pink and stronger earthy colours like Terracotta and Teal Blue. Children have time on their hands, spend time day dreaming and gazing...this fabric will feed their imaginations. In this age of endless 'screens' for children's entertainment, it is more and more important to look for ways of inspiring thoughts and imaginations.

These made to measure curtain, blind and upholstery animal fabrics are printed on 100% Linen. In addition a lampshade made from one of these floral fabrics would be great focal point in a room, as would a chair, cushions and even a quilt. We can make all these especially for you in at our Made to Measure service.

Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
Free Fabric Samples Available