Bird Print Fabric

I have created several bird upholstery fabrics, our feathered friends being one of my passions in life! I have binoculars in my bedroom and bathroom windows ready to catch glimpses of the nesting Kestrels and Red Kites in our barn’s nesting boxes.

Small garden birds must be the most amazing creatures…taking weeks to create the most beautiful and intricately woven nests…I have the nest of a long tallied tit in a honey- suckle climber next to my kitchen window.

The very first bird design I created 20 years ago now is Cockerel and Spot. This bird fabric was inspired by the hens and cockerels in my garden. The Cockerels are very friendly ones, with stylised foliage, comb and wattle, they toss around they fabric and are interspersed with spots.

In my bird fabric Dawn Chorus I have drawn very simplistic garden birds showing their delightful markings of spots and stripes. This design is inspired by fabrics if the 1950's, especially inspired by mid-century designers such as Lucienne Day. It is possible to use these designs in both children's rooms and adult’s spaces.

The bird fabric Bird Hop was created by my younger daughter Flora, it depicts a characterful and friendly bird. She created this shape by cutting straight into a piece of paper without drawing first ...so this crisp spontaneous line is the result.

Songbirds fabric shows a small garden bird sitting amongst the foliage of hedgerow Dog Roses. This bird was inspired by a visit to Arbuthnott House in Scotland where I saw a very old woven silk covering a chez-long with this beautiful black bird on it.

Branching Out and In Full Flight are two bird fabrics which were inspired by lino cuts and printmaking. They show flying stylized birds set within a leafy trellis.

All these designs have interest and fascination for children and adults alike. The beautiful colours of these fabrics mean they can be used in all rooms in the house not just playrooms and children’s bedrooms.

These blind, upholstery bird print curtain fabrics are printed on a wonderful Linen Union, Organic cotton mixed with eco Linen.  In addition, a lampshade made from one of these bird fabrics would be great focal point in a room, as would a chair, cushions and even a quilt. We can make all these especially for you in at our Made to Measure service.

Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
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