Blue Fabric

Which shades of blue do you have in your fabric range?

There are of course many different shades of blue fabrics as with all colours; from the cooler shade of Cornflower and Indigo to the softest shades of Sky Blue and Speedwell. Blue is a favourite fabric and wallpaper colour for many people and is the most preferred by men. It calls to mind feelings of calmness and serenity, research has shown that people are more productive in blue sitting rooms, kitchens or studies!

My Cornflower blue fabrics have a 'blue jeans' tone and more of a presence, a blue fabric that looks wonderful in a larger room and hallways

My Teal blue fabrics are a warmer blue with a little bit more yellow added turning it towards the greens and making it a popular choice for blue curtains in day rooms such as kitchens: Up the Garden Path, Bird Hop and Wild and Free fabrics, all come in this blue colour along with stripes and spots to coordinate.

Warmer blue fabrics with a lighter tone are my favourite; I have created a Chinese blue called Powder Blue. See this in my blue fabrics In Full Flight, my new Fruit Garden, May Blossom and coordinating Pretty Maids. These designs make fabulous long curtains transforming your rooms.

My Speedwell, Slate and Sky Blue are soft and gentle tones making pretty blue curtains for a bedrooms and bathroom especially exemplified in Fern and Dragonfly and my first ever design Feather and Egg.

For very soft grey blues, we move into the ever-popular Duck Egg. This colour is quite hard to describe but wonderful to live with. My Cow Parsley print is the most popular in this shade.

What other colours do blue curtains go well with?

There are many other colours you can team blue up with: namely Saffron yellow, Raspberry red, Tangerine and Pumpkin orange and Damson pinks. These are all warm colours which to compliment the cooler blue so well.  Blue upholstery fabric is very safe in blue shades as it goes with a myriad of other colours.

We combine these colours already for you in the following blue fabrics in particular: Dawn Chorus, Pretty Maids, Stockholm Stripe and Lapland Stripe.

You can also add in the second colour through upholstered furniture, cushions or even in a fabric covered lampshade or bed quilt. All these we can make for you in our Made to Measure service.

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