Butterfly Print Fabric

My collection of fabrics with butterflies and dragonflies depicted on them: the fabrics are all a delight of garden birds, simple florals and butterfly prints. Butterflies exemplify the beauty of nature with their extraordinary symmetry, of shape and pattern. They symbolize flight and freedom and also nature’s fragility.

My timeless design, Cow Parsley, shows small simplistic butterflies sitting on the heads of the quintessential English wildflower Cow Parsley. Again I have slight obsession with spots and stripes, which are ever evident on the delicate wings of British butterflies. Cow Parsley is a simple a two coloured print, where the butterfly is in a contrasting colour, this  helps to complete the decoration of a room by offering another colour option for the trims, leading edges, cushions and even upholstery.

Next is my Flora and Fauna design which has larger more detailed and painterly butterflies fluttering around stems of stylised flowers.

Songbirds features all the good things that I love in meadows around us – foliage, blossom,, butterflies and birds…it is inspired by the many branched ‘Tree of Life’ illustrations used in science, religion, philosophy, mythology and the decorative arts.

 Similarly dragonflies and damselflies offer the same excitement with their long delicate wings and are depicted hovering between the different fern shapes in my Fern and Dragonfly design. Fern and Dragonfly is a one colour print and offers a very simple Scandinavian feel in a room.

These butterfly fabrics come in  numerous colours from the gentlest soft blues, greens and greys to stronger saffron yellows and Damson pinks

These made to measure curtain, blind and upholstery butterfly fabrics are printed on 100% Linen. In addition a lampshade made from one of these butterfly fabrics would be great focal point in a room, as would a chair, cushions and even a quilt. We can make all these especially for you in at our Made to Measure service

Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
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