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Dark Coloured Fabric

The use of colour in interior decor is extremely important and makes such a difference to a room. Using a darker tone on the curtains or blinds, with lighter walls will emphasise the structure and architecture of a room.

Dark Fabrics can create a dark, moody and glamorous room, offering a sense of calm for a truly relaxed environment. Dark colours recede. When a room is painted a dark colour, the colour will actually make the room look larger, rather than bringing the walls in.”

For example, very dark grey walls and fabrics in a hall are incredibly fashionable... Not only creating impact on arrival, but results in the sensation of emerging from a dark, confined space into volume and light in the rooms off it.

What colours make up your dark fabric collection?

For stunning dark fabric curtains and roman blinds use my Up the Garden Path in Winter, Gypsy Garland and the gorgeous Flora and Fauna in Charcoal.  

Grey has a fabulous versatility - it can as easily create a warm feel as it can a cool one, depending on the shade. Dark greys can create a modern chic and charming country look.

Dark shades of wool and velvet are good choices for upholstery, adding texture and interest in a dark colour schemed interior.

Dark upholstery fabric is wonderful and it’s easy to use rich velvets such as my Lake Blue, Tarn and Thunder for a great effect. Equally my Harris Tweeds in Storm and Heather are lovely dark textured wool fabrics.

This trend for dark upholstery fabric can have a practical aspect as well as an aesthetic one: “You don’t have to worry as much about scuff marks on a crisp white wall or one’s linen sofa.”

Dark shades for upholstery such as black and grey have a low lightness / relative luminance and using these shades in curtain or upholstery schemes will create striking accents.

There are tricks to making a room look larger; you could paint the back of the door to match the walls. The less you must break up the space, the calmer and bigger it will look - picking out skirting and panelling in white will distract the eye.

To banish any incipient gloom, layer lots of lights - ceiling, floor, task and table - and if you’re starting from the beginning, install dimmers.

What colours does your dark fabric range contrast well with?

Dark shades including greys are great when matched with warmer colours such as yellow, sand and pinks. See my yellows: Buttercup, Saffron and Sand as well as the pinks, Mallow and Sweet Pea and Damson.  

My Dove grey is a warmer grey and pairs well with my stronger Saffron yellow also see my Up the Garden Path, Stockholm Stripe and spotty Pretty Maids.

The following designs encompass the grey and yellow colours: Gypsy Garland, Origami, Shibori, Stockholm Stripe and Pretty Maids.

Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
Free Fabric Samples Available