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Grey Fabric

'Grey can make an interior feel contemporary and modern. If you like, greys have taken over from creams and magnolias. There are of course lots of different shades of grey, from soft blue/greys like my Clay, to stronger striking shades such as my Charcoal or other interesting grey shade such as the likes of my Winter.

Each shade of grey is capable of creating a different look, feel and even style of living

Modern schemes tend to suit a cooler, more dramatic shade, whilst vintage and classic interiors have an affinity with warm blue greys like my Clay, and a green-toned grey such as my Pigeon.

How to decorate with Grey

Colours that pair well with grey:

Yellow is another obvious colour to pair with all shades of grey.

The counter balance between the warmth and cheerfulness of the yellow and the cool greys is perfect. The grey and yellow interiors create happiness and warmth and are spectacular in the evening when the sun is going down and the fire is lit.

Saffron, this beautiful strong shade of ochre yellow is fresh enough and strong enough in tone, to sit beautifully with duller shades of grey such as my Winter, Charcoal and Scree and works particularity well in living rooms.

My softer Buttercup yellow, is the perfect partner for the gentler blue-grey Clay with added accents of Charcoal, this combination is very pretty in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, exemplified in my designs Songbirds, Fruit Garden and French Ticking.

Hay is my softest yellow, beautiful in an elegant sitting room or bedroom, see Fern and Dragonfly and coordinating Lapland Stripe.

I have the following yellow and grey fabric designs in my collections: Song Birds, Wild Rose, Origami, Shibori, Stockholm Stripe, Pretty Maids and French Ticking, amongst others.

What can be done with your grey upholstery fabric?

A sofa or chair upholstered in dark grey looks smart and has the benefit of lasting a long time being a good foil for wear and tear and will also go with many colour schemes should you wish to redecorate or move house.

Pinks are another colour that looks wonderful with greys, see my Sweet Pea, Damson and Mallow.

Soft grey curtains made in my pretty Plain Clay with or without a leading edge of Damson Pretty Maids look stunning. Storm is the name of my grey Tweed, ideal for covering a footstool or headboard and is very forgiving of spills and marks. There is also the opportunity for contrast piping in a second fabric to pick up on other colours in the room

Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
Free Fabric Samples Available