Harris Tweed Fabric

What Harris Tweed is.

 A 1992 law states that these tweeds must be woven from pure virgin wool dyed and spun on the islands, and handwoven at the home of the weaver in the Outer Hebrides. The islanders weave these 5 colours especially for Vanessa on their home looms, reflecting the soft and beautiful colours of the sea, sky, and land.

 In the age of mass production this is a very precious and rare local industry, which Vanessa feels passionate about supporting. ‘ I find this so remarkable and am very pleased to be supporting such a tradition, hopefully it will play a small part in helping the Harris Tweed industry to flourish, and the age-old skill of weaving will be passed down to the young, enabling them to stay on the islands and make a living there.’

What can Harris Tweed cloth be used for in the house?

Harris Tweed upholstery fabric makes for beautiful curtains and blinds, especially edged in a second colour; for example my beautiful Sea Blue edged with the warm shade of yellow, Bracken. Made from 100% Hebridean wool they are naturally insulating, and can be lined or interlined to add body and extra warmth.

Footstools, chairs and sofas look beautiful upholstered in Harris Tweed upholstery material. It wears well and is cosy to sit or curl up on.

Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
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