Linen Fabric

A wide range of the unique Vanessa Arbuthnott designs are available in Linen, for a variety of purposes and are suitable for making curtains. The 100% Linen create beautiful curtains that will drape and maintain their shape.

Natural linen fabric is also perfect for curtains since it is highly durable. Natural materials are always beautiful and pure linen is just such a thing. Linen fabric is made from the fibres of the flax plant so it is a natural product but is laborious to manufacture, therefore it can be more expensive than some other fabrics. 

Flax is a tall, reed like plant which grows all over the Mediterranean region and Central Asia.  It has been made since about 1000BC in Egypt and was one of the first fibres to be made into cloth. Linen fabric gives a relaxed natural look and is great for using in a shabby chic or country style interior.

Natural linen fabric is also perfect for curtains since it is highly durable. Linen curtains can keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What are the best uses for your linen fabrics?

Linen Union and 100% Linen are widely used in upholstery and cushion manufacture. Both are hard wearing and washable. They are natural fibres and therefore are good choices for people with sensitive skins.

They are also cool to the touch and therefore a good choice for summertime use. Linen can sometimes crease so seat cushions will need to be turned to avoid creases becoming too visible.

Linen Union and 100% Linen materials are also excellent for making into curtains and blinds both are hard wearing.

We can make Made to Measure curtains and blinds using our designer Linen fabric made in the UK to your exact requirements, to fit any window size or style.

Each of our bespoke blinds can be beautifully made for you by professionals in our traditional workshop based in the UK. They are hand finished with great care and attention and delivered to you well within eight weeks.

What pattern, design or pattern collection would you choose to use with your linen fabrics, and why?

All the designs are suitable to be used for all soft furnishing projects in a house, so it’s really down to your taste and the style of the interior you are trying to create.

Often people choose a linen fabric for the curtains first and then coordinate the upholstery, cushions and lampshades next.

Choosing three colours is a successful plan and makes the room look less contrived. So could use Cow parsley linen design for your curtains an then a Plain Linen Union for the sofa with stripes and spots for the cushions and a trim on the leading edge of the curtains.

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