Paisley Fabric

Paisley is a vegetal motif, often shaped like a droplet or kidney bean. The Paisley patterned fabric originates from stylised pine cones from Kashmir. From roughly 1800 to 1850, the weavers of the town of Paisley in Renfrewshire, Scotland, became the foremost producers of Paisley shawls.

The origins of the curved teardrop form come from the area between India and Iran (known there as buta and boteh respectively); however, the word ‘paisley’ refers to the town of Paisley in Scotland. The transfer from Persian and Kashmiri cultures to become a popular motif in woven textile manufacturing in Britain came after the East India Company imported large amounts of shawls and other goods with the motif in the 18th Century.

Summarise paisley and its popularity, for a range of purposes

I LOVE a good paisley print fabric. See my Life and Eternity design and Paisley Ground. They are a pattern framed within a pattern, making them an absolute cornucopia of colour and shape. If you are familiar with paisley, then you must know of its lovely lace-like motif that features an intricate pattern of curved, feather-shaped figures. Paisley patterned fabric is timeless and forever popular. If paisley patterns are too “busy” for you, consider mine because my chosen colours of soft shades create a very gentle feel in a room.

What can I use your paisley upholstery fabric for?

My paisley print fabrics look wonderful on made to measure chairs and sofas. The paisley pattern is multi directional and so covers furniture effortlessly. This is also true for paisley covered bed quilts, Paisley fabric upholstered cushions and footstools.

Short summary of what patterns and colours can work well with the paisley range?

I designed my Paisley Ground fabric to coordinate with the print Stripe and Dash, and with the larger patterned Down To Earth. These three designs all come in a soft Hay yellow with Charcoal, pretty Apple Green with Raspberry and a more neutral Limestone again mixed with Raspberry. So these designs would all sit together very easily in a room, a suggestion would be Down to Earth Curtains, Paisley Ground upholstered chair and Stripe and Dash bedhead.

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