Red Fabric

When people walk into a red room, they immediately respond. High-octane orange-tinted tones make you feel energized and alive, while subtler, more old-fashioned purplish shades―burgundy, maroon, brick―can evoke the cosy, insular vibe of, say, an 18th-century library. Either way, red is a statement colour

In an otherwise neutral palette, even a restricted amount of red can liven up a space. My brightest red fabric is called Tomato, Wild and Free and Stockholm Stripe both incorporate this red and make beautiful red soft furnishings.

Raspberry red is softer and a little more orange, making a wonderful red upholstery fabrics or red curtain and blind fabric. See my designs: Feather and Egg, Fern and Dragonfly and Flora and Fauna with coordinates’ Little Leaf, Plain Check and Botanical Trellis. For upholstery we also offer a Plain Raspberry Red Linen Union.

My Cranberry red fabrics have more blue in them and go more towards a burgundy red fabric. Cow Parsley and Acorn and Leaf all have this lovely mellow red, warming up a room without being too strident.

Red soft furnishing fabrics are warm, cool greys and warm blues are also possible complimentary colours to use in a room to add interest.

Red stimulates the appetite, which makes it a perfect choice for the lead colour in a dining room palette, any of my red fabrics would work in this type of room, but maybe especially my Cranberry. Red adds drama to any room—even one as utilitarian as the kitchen.

What colours contrast and complement red well? 

If you’re familiar with the colour wheel, you know that green is exactly opposite of red, making it a complementary colour. Complementary colours tend to, well, complement each other, so green is a great choice to pair with reds. See my fresh Apple Green mixed with Raspberry in Cockerel and Spot. Stripe and Dash and Paisley Ground.

A colour scheme of red, white, black, and grey make a stylish bedroom, Red punctuates the room with pillows, a throw, a rug, and other accents. If you’re not ready to commit wholly, try red as an accent, pulling it in through curtains, cushions or an upholstered chair. Decorating tip: in a sitting room, pick a wall colour—like chocolate brown—to ground the red. Because the colour is so visually arresting, even one red upholstered chair or red cushion can transform a bland room. Red furnishings work well with pale and dark neutrals―white walls, wood floors, and natural stone.

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