Teal Fabric

Teal is a strong colour, but being from the blue family of shades it is a rare combination of strength and quietness in one. There are few colours that you can use throughout a whole scheme and not feel utterly overwhelmed, teal is one of those. With such a breadth of tones it can cheerfully be employed for Teal upholstery fabric, underfoot as rugs and on the walls as the backdrop to the lot.

There are of course many different shades of blue as with all colours; from the cooler shade of Cornflower and Indigo to the softest shades of Sky Blue and Speedwell. Teal takes its name from a bird the Common Teal which has a Teal stripe on its head. Teal is a mixture of blue and green. It can be mixed with white to make it lighter or with grey for the adverse effect.

Teal upholstery fabric is a warmer than my Cornflower, Indigo and Denim having a little bit more yellow in it, turning it towards the greens and making it a popular choice for warmer curtains tones in day rooms such as a kitchen: Up the Garden Path, Bird Hop and Wild and Free designs all come in this colour along with stripes and spots to coordinate.

Short paragraph with tips on how to decorate with the colour teal

My Teal blue fabric is a warm adjunct to navy. Navy can be rather cold, albeit it is the nation’s favourite shade! But from midnight navy to denim hues, add in a pop of teal in your room and the whole will be lifted: try a teal upholstered chair of roman or a wall papered in my Teal Wall Covering: Up The Garden Path in Teal.

Teal is the perfect accent colour. Even a single accessory such as a Teal upholstered lampshade or Teal cushion in this wonderful shade can add a burst of life to any space, from living rooms to bedrooms.

What other colours do my Teal curtains work well with?

There are many other colours you can team my Teal fabric curtains with: namely Lime Green, Raspberry red, Tangerine and Pumpkin oranges and Damson pinks. These are all warm colours which compliment Teal blue so well. We combine these colours already for you in the following designs in particular: Dawn Chorus, Pretty Maids, Stockholm Stripe and Lapland Stripe.

In choosing your Teak Blue curtains, Blinds and upholstery you can mix larger prints with spots and stripes, all colour coordinated and enlivening: see Pretty Maids, Stockholm Stripe, Dawn Chorus and Up The Garden Path. My Cow Parsley print is very popular in this shade see this design in the Teal and Charcoal colourway.

You can also add in the second colour through teal upholstered furniture, cushions or even in a Teal fabric covered lampshade or bed quilt. All these we can make for you in our Made to Measure service.

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