Terracotta, Peach & Rust Fabric

Tones of Rust fabrics are warm, cosy and comforting. Rust is a term that covers those colours that blend brown, orange and red. Each time it might be a different tone that stands proud (orange with a base of brown see my Peach fabrics, brown with a touch of red and orange behind it see my Terracotta fabrics.

In my fabric collections I have called rust: Peach or Terracotta…these colours are usually seen as being neutral; neutral doesn’t have to mean pale, but rather tones that are easy to pair with any other colour and that will act as a good base to your scheme. More specifically, rust tends to be grouped with nature-inspired shades: ‘earthy neutrals’.  Rust is therefore a surprisingly easy colour to use.

My Sand, Straw and Limestone fabrics coordinate beautifully with Peach and Terracotta fabrics if you want the room to be muted and wholesome. Choose one or two pieces of upholstery, like a footstool or armchair, cover them one of our ‘rust’ fabrics, our Terracotta and peach upholstery fabrics can be made into curtains.  A throw or a rug (my Rainbow rug) are other opportunities to use this wonderful warm colour.

Walls, upholstery and furniture can be chosen with rust in mind if you want to make it your dominant colour, and then turn your attention to the little ‘pops’ of rust that reinforce your palette.

If you just want to use Rust as an accent

Smokey blues and terracotta, rust and peach are perfect partners on the colour wheel: use my Smoke Spotty Stripe Wall Covering on the walls and rust fabrics such as Fruit Garden and May Blossom in Smoke and Peach on your soft furnishings…

Rust might be an earthy neutral, but there’s no escaping its stage presence. If you love its warmth but want more candle-flicker than roaring fireside in your room, use it as a secondary or tertiary colour: maybe a rust lampshade or just a cushion or two.

Your first step is to decide how big on rust you want to go. One of our chairs or sofas upholstered in Peach is a really lovely way to use this earth tone as an accent, or think about using Terracotta or Peach on a few scatter cushions on a bed or on a sofa.

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