Toile Fabric

What is toile fabric?

A Toile be Jouy is traditionally a type of printed calico with a characteristic floral, figure, or landscape design on a light background, and translates literally to ‘cloth from the town of Jouy’.

I have designed a contemporary toile which called ‘For the Love of Rose’. This depicts figures and landscape on a natural cream linen background and also I have added some colourways with coloured background’s too. This toile design comes in 7 beautiful colourways from the ever popular Clay and Sweet Pea to the earthy Limestone and Charcoal and the brighter Saffron and Charcoal.

What inspired the Toile fabric range?

This romantic English toile fabric was inspired by my daughter Rose’s drawings of a goat trying to reach up to eat the last green leaves on a tree, and also by my other daughter Flora’s passion for a simpler way of living and the permaculture project she has introduced into our garden.

“For the Love of Rose” fills up the whole width of the fabric, with its story about a Bohemian couple who are living in a shepherd’s hut, making their way through their lives by working on the land. This toile print fabric is printed in the UK and sold by the metre and can be bought online through my web site and also through my shop.

What can your toile upholstery fabric be used for?

This toile is printed on 100% linen and can be used for curtains, blinds, upholstery and all soft furnishings. The design particularly suits lovely long curtains, especially lined and interlined. Equally the story filling the full width of the fabric makes for really lovely blinds.

The fabrics that coordinate with this lovely toile are in my Bohemian Collection so you can consider Pretty Maids, Gypsy Garland, Leaf Dance and Stockholm Stripe. These designs were all conceived at the same time and sit next to each other very comfortably in any room.

Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
Free Fabric Samples Available