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A 1992 law states that these Tweeds must be woven from pure virgin wool dyed and spun, dyed, and finished in the Outer Hebrides and hand-woven by the Islanders at their own homes in the Islands of Lewis, Harris, Uwist, Barra and their several pertinences, and all known as the Outer Hebrides '(there are strict guidelines that need to be followed).

Look for the Orb symbol and you can be sure that what you are buying is the real deal. I find this so remarkable and am very pleased to be supporting such a tradition and a super wool fabric.

Hopefully it will play a small part in helping the Harris Tweed Industry to flourish, and the age- old skill of weaving to be will be passed down to the young, enabling them to stay on the islands and make a living there.

What colours of Harris Tweed do you have?

My exclusive range of Harris Tweed designer wool upholstery fabric comes in an earthy range of colour and is woven exclusively for me. The tweeds are woven using 100% Scottish Wool and are soft and beautiful. There is no better investment than a classic piece of furniture.

Trends come and go and the fabric and furniture industries can be just as quick to change as the catwalk, but if you are looking for a British sofa, as timelessly classic  then look no further than a Harris Tweed sofa.

Is wool FABRIC SUITABLE for upholstery?

A Harris Tweed will do amazing things to furniture in our opinion. It can create an instant feeling of warmth and cosiness, a real invite to snuggle up on the sofa but at the same time they ooze sophistication.

Lifestyle can often be the death of a nice sofa… thinking sticky fingers, red wine spills and fluffy paws … but let us put your mind at ease… Wool is naturally stain-resistant and super hard wearing. This is a great way to keep your sofa looking fresh as a daisy in years to come.

No trends or fads here, just fantastic quality fabric that you will never fall out of love with. Wool fabric is naturally FIRE RESISTANT…you can’t set fire to a sheep! As with all wool products pilling can occur with upholstery, the bobbles can be removed using a fabric shaver.

My unique designer wool upholstery fabric range

Our wool upholstery fabric designs are fairly simple, the shades are very subtle, each colour looks plain but on closer examination they are made up of several soft shades of colour. Colour effects in the yarn are obtained by mixing dyed wool before it is spun.

Each colour reflects the shades of the landscape on the islands…Sky, Sea, Storm, Grass and Bracken. What is even better, when you have finished with it, just cut it up and put it in your compost as it is also biodegradable.

Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
Free Fabric Samples Available