Yellow Fabric

Yellow is the colour which makes me think of flowers, lemons, and sunshine.  It offers fresh appeal in each of its many variations. What could be more inviting than a bright pop of yellow fabric in your home? The colour of eternal summer, we can’t think of any shade we would rather come home to on a bleak winter’s day – or better, a warm spring evening.

Saffron, this beautiful strong shade of ochre yellow upholstery fabric is fresh enough and strong enough to make beautiful yellow curtains and sit happily with darker shades of grey such as my winter, Charcoal and Scree and works particularity well in living rooms.

The following designs encompass these yellow and soft grey colours: Gypsy Garland, Origami, Shibori, Stockholm Stripe and Pretty Maids.

My softer Buttercup yellow, is the perfect partner for the gentler blue-grey Clay with added accents of Charcoal, this combination is very pretty in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, exemplified in my designs Songbirds, Fruit Garden and French Ticking.

The counter balance between the warmth and cheerfulness of the yellow and the cool greys is perfect. The grey and yellow interiors create happiness and warmth and are spectacular in the evening when the sun is going down and the fire is lit.

Hay is my softest yellow, beautiful for elegant sitting room or bedroom curtains and Fern and Dragonfly and coordinating Lapland Stripe too.

My Sand yellow reflect the colour golden beaches can be more sophisticated in a sitting room of dining room, adding warmth without the brightness through sand yellow upholstery and curtains.  See my Sand in the designs Cow Parsley and coordinating Stripe and Dash

With my Straw I have moved towards a mustard yellow as in Fruit garden and Sepals and Petals and Acorn and leaf. Straw yellow upholstery fabrics add that warmth and light to a room.

Which of your patterns and fabric colours go well with yellow?

I have teamed my Straw and Sand yellows with Pigeon and Cornflower blues, counterbalancing the warmth of the yellow with the cool of the blues. So, plenty of colours to build the scheme around in your sitting rooms and halls.

Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
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