Honeycomb Woven Blankets

The Honeycomb woven Blankets are Vanessa’s first foray into blankets, and staying close to her ethos of working with artisans close to home, they are woven in Britain.

The main blanket colour is a light blue, with a stripe coloured edging in the following three colour options: Powder Blue, Saffron and Charcoal.


Honeycomb is a traditional Welsh textile, woven from the wool of the beautiful Shetland sheep on the Isle of Shetland. The yarn is processed, spun and dyed on the Shetland Isles.
These sheep are Britain’s most northerly native sheep providing wool for the Shetland textile industry, whilst simultaneously supporting the rural farming community on these islands.

The wool is a world class natural fibre, with a long standing reputation for quality, strength and excellence, from the fleece to the textile products.