Decorating with Green

Green was one of the most on trend colours in home decoration for 2021: it is an incredibly versatile colour. This earthy hue ranges from bold and bright to subtle and warm, giving it the ability to transform your space depending on the shade. From walls to furniture to accessories, there are endless ways to sprinkle green into your home.


The word ‘green’ comes from the Middle English and Old English ‘grene’, which, like the German word ‘grün’, has the same root as the words grass and grow.

Green is the colour of life, of renewal, the colour of nature, the environment, sustainability and harmony. It is calming and soothing…I guess that’s why they have ‘green rooms’ for actors to sit in before they go on stage, it probably helps them feel more grounded and relaxed.

Green is most commonly associated with nature because chlorophyll is the green pigment, present in all green plants and in cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), which is responsible for the absorption of light to provide energy for photosynthesis. So this rich colour has been all around us as a constant since the beginning of time.


Is it green, is it grey? My Pigeon is a wonderful colour created by mixing black and brown in with yellow and blue. It has warmth and promotes a feeling of serenity; perfect for wall coverings.


Left: Shibori – Light Pigeon Wall Covering paired with Teal and Charcoal / Right: Fruit Garden Detail – Pigeon, Powder Blue, Straw wall covering gives a rustic/Scandi feel to a room.


Field Green, Pigeon, Kale, Lime, Apple Green, Lichen, Lettuce, Grass and Moss.


A blue-green, mellow and calm, lovely paired with pinks…Damson in particular.

Suggested coordinating fabrics:

Herbaceous Border Detail – Damson, Lily Pink, Field Green and Clay

Dainty Daisy – Damson

Plain Linen – Damson


Left: Dainty Daisy – Field Green / Middle: French Ticking – Field Green, Charcoal Right: Woodland Walk – Field Green


Left: Dainty Daisy – Field Green here covering a beautiful window seat and cushion / Middle: French Ticking – Field Green & Charcoal made into roman blinds, edged with a scallop in Plain Damson to tie them in with the Damson curtains / Right: Small empire lampshade in Woodland Walk – Field Green


A light-hued, versatile and sophisticated grey-green, looks glorious with Soft Raspberry, Powder Blue or Buttercup.

Suggested coordinating fabrics:

Cow Parsley – Pigeon, Teal

Fruit Garden Detail – Pigeon, Powder Blue, Straw

Fruit Garden – Powder Blue, Pigeon, Charcoal

Fruit Garden Detail – Straw, Pigeon, Powder Blue

Pretty Maids – Pigeon, Teal, Winter


Middle: May Blossom – Pigeon, Charcoal / Right: Life & Eternity Ground – Pigeon


Left: Floral Stripe – Pigeon, Soft Raspberry, Charcoal / Middle: Cow Parsley – Pigeon, Teal / Right: Up The Garden Path – Pigeon


Left: Elegant Sapperton Chair upholstered with May Blossom – Pigeon and Charcoal, combined here with  Buttercup French Ticking / Right: Teddy taking time out, leaning against cushions made from Life & Eternity Ground in Pigeon.


Left: Blind made from Cow Parsley in Pigeon and Teal edged on all three sides with Plain Linen Union – Charcoal. Wall Covering in Shibori – Light Pigeon / Middle: Sapperton chair in Momo – Light Duck Egg and Forget-me-not, with Traditional Sofa in Plain Pigeon and curtain in Lapland Stripe – Pigeon, Forget-me- not and Damson / Right: Traditional Sofa in Floral Stripe in Pigeon and Raspberry.


Lively, warm, fresh and a zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring, when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Combines beautifully with blues, greys and terracottas.

Suggested coordinating fabrics:

Fruit Garden Detail – Light Kale, Damson, Charcoal

Fruit Garden – Damson, Light Kale, Winter

Herbaceous Border Detail – Damson, Lily Pink, Field Green, Clay

Herbaceous Border Detail – Dusky Pink, Plum, Kale

May Blossom – Plum, Light Kale

Fruit Garden – Plum, Light Kale, Winter


Left: Simple Ticking – Kale / Middle: Origami – Indigo, Kale / Right: Sepals & Petals – Light Kale


Left: Wild & Free – Kale, Charcoal / Middle: Shibori – Indigo, Kale / Right: Plain Linen Union – Kale

Left: Roman Blind in Simple Ticking Detail – Kale, with a border in Plain Kale / Middle: Here, Kale in the tablecloth brings this Indigo blue room alive / Right: Pink and green…May Blossom in Damson on one round pouffe and Light Kale in Sepals & Petals on the other.


Left: This Wild & Free curtain has been edged with Plain Dove and mixed with Terracotta and Charcoal / Middle: Another example of Kale working well with blues. Curtains in Origami – Indigo and Kale and the chair in Shibori in the same colours / Right: Kale, mixed with Plum and Dusky Pink. The Traditional Chairs are covered in Herbaceous Border Detail, Dusky Pink, Plum and Kale.


A yellow green, lighter than Kale: Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors and warm enough to be mixed with blues, purples and pinks too. Joins forces well with Winter, Charcoal, Teal and Sweet Pea.

Suggested coordinating fabrics:

Plain Linen Union – Charcoal

Pretty Maids – Dove, Winter

Stockholm Stripe – Teal, Lime, Winter


Left: Pretty Maids – Lime, Teal, Winter / Middle: Pretty Maids – Lime, Winter / Right: Dawn Chorus – Lime, Winter


Left: Hallway painted in Lime Green, with a bench cushion in Pretty Maids – Lime, Teal & Winter / Middle: Cushion in Pretty Maids – Lime & Winter, with a frill in Plain Linen – Charcoal / Right: Dawn Chorus – Lime, Winter covering one of my Traditional Sofas in our rustic barn.


My first green created in 2000, a very soft pastel green which looks particularly pretty when combined with Raspberry red.

Suggested coordinating fabrics:

Botanical Trellis – Raspberry

Fern and Dragonfly – Raspberry

Little Leaf – Raspberry


Left: Down to Earth – Apple Green, Raspberry / Middle: Paisley Ground – Apple Green, Raspberry / Right: Stripe and Dash – Apple Green, Raspberry


Left: Simple rounded headboard in Down to Earth – Apple Green Raspberry, with coordinating bed quilt / Middle: Upholstered vintage chair in Paisley Ground – Apple Green & Raspberry / Right: Pretty wavy edged cushions with ties, made especially for this French cafe chair.


A delicious dark blue green. Looks wonderful in a study, hallway or as a blind in a contemporary kitchen.

Suggested coordinating fabric:

Pretty Maids – Winter

May Blossom – Peach, Charcoal


Left: Tablecloth of Fern and Dragonfly in Lichen fabric on the old rusty table / Middle: Fern and Dragonfly – Lichen / Right: A beautiful pair of statement curtains in Lichen.

A cover made for this console table was made in the Little Fern – Lichen, which ties in well with the Lattice Leaf – Ochre & Lichen circular pouffe.


A mellow green, reminiscent of a bygone era, coordinates well with Charcoal greys and Raspberry reds.

Suggested coordinating fabrics:

French Ticking – Clay, Charcoal

Pretty Maids – Winter

Simple Ticking Detail – Soft Raspberry

Pretty Maids – Cream, Soft Raspberry, Winter


Left: Flora & Fauna  – Lettuce, Charcoal / Middle: Plain Linen Union – Lettuce / Right: Herbaceous Border Detail – Soft Raspberry, Pigeon, Lettuce, Charcoal

Herbaceous Border Detail floral design combines Lettuce with Pigeon, Raspberry and Charcoal.


A subtle yet effective colour as introduced in my Forest Collection.



These large & small Circular Pouffes display Sow & ScatterWild Fern, both in Moss.


A touch of velvet adds sophistication to a room. Soft and in-style, velvet can elevate a room whilst adding eye-catching texture. It has a naturally sumptuous and cosy feel, making it an ideal choice for your sofa, chair or headboard. Offering both style and comfort in equal measures, velvet’s soft finish is perfect for snuggling up on.

The same goes for Harris Tweed: a couple of tweed cushions on a linen or velvet sofa will add an abundance of texture and tactility.


Harris Tweed – Grass adding texture to this upholstered chair

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