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Made to Measure Curtains

Our Christmas deadline for Curtains has now passed, but we are still processing orders as normal. For any questions, please call 01285 831437, or email

We can create the best quality made to measure curtains to dress your windows to your exact requirements, to fit any window size or style. Each of our bespoke curtains can be beautifully made for you by professionals in our traditional workshop based in the UK. Choose any design from our huge range of fabrics and rest assured your curtains will be hand finished with great care and attention to detail and delivered to you well within 10 weeks.

How do I measure up a window for curtains?

If you are looking for new window dressings you can find a useful video talking you through how to measure up for curtains by clicking here. It is really very straight forward if you follow the instructions carefully. And is much easier if you already have your curtain pole or curtain tracks above your windows in place first, but not impossible if you can't do that. You only need to take two measurements; the length of the pole/track and the length or drop of the curtain (from the pole/track to the floor).

Before you take out the tape measure, decide how high above the window you'd like the curtains to begin. Top tip! Hanging curtains higher than the window will give a sense of height to the room.

How do I decide whether I should interline my curtains?

Linings are essential, even if just backed with a simple lining. However, I would highly recommend adding in a warm interlining for insulation and a more luxuriant look. Should you wish to eliminate light, we can also add blackout lining

Once made up, for lined, interlined and blackout lined curtains, we advise hand-made interlined curtains to be dry cleaned by a curtain specialist. Click here for tips on prolonging the life of your curtains, and for cleaning recommendations.

When we make linen curtains we recommend the linings are hemmed separately to avoid any sagging. Hems are handsewn down both sides and along the bottom.

Do you have any tips for prolonging the life of curtains?

Unfortunately, fading from sunlight in your windows is always possible. Here are some tips to help prolong the life of your curtains – you can draw them well back from the light, you can line and interline them, you can add a leading edge which is a chance to bring another pattern or colour into the room. You can draw them with a pulley system to avoid making the leading edge worn. Some colours are more vulnerable to UV light than others, blues tend to fade the fastest, grey and green are less vulnerable.

Swapping the curtains over from time to time helps to keep the inside edges of the fabric, which are the most exposed to sunlight, at a minimum or add a border to the leading edge where the fabric will be most vulnerable.  These are tips to help you to get good value from your curtains.

Curtains can drop a little over time. If this happens you need to take your curtains down and move the hooks in the heading up correspondingly and then re-hang them. You can do this with both pencil pleat and pinch pleat headings. It is worthwhile measuring the move carefully for pinch pleat curtains with a ruler.

Some of my fabrics can help keep out the cold. Many hotels use velvet or tweed since their weight helps block light and keep heat in. Still, all of my curtains can be interlined with bump, a thick, insulating felt material. This interlining — a piece of fabric slipped between the lining and the face fabric — can also help prolong the life of the curtains.

Lining and interlining are what give curtains their body and fullness. You can download a PDF to print on how to prolong the life of your curtains by clicking here.

 What style of curtain heading do you recommend when choosing bespoke curtains?

You can choose between several different heading styles:

Double and triple pleat headings - are decorative curtain headings with permanent sewn-in pleats, for a luxurious, tailored look. Recommended for more formal rooms like a dining room or smart sitting room.

Double pinch pleats are a little more contemporary than triple pleats. Both options have the benefit of several different hook positions, allowing you to alter the length of the curtains if necessary and can be used with poles and tracks. If you use a track, I recommend choosing a pelmet to hide the curtain tracks. It is important to carefully measure your track or pole as curtains are made to an exact fit.

measure curtains online     All our collections are printed on high quality linens suitable for curtains

             Double Pleat                                     Triple Pleat           

If you want a more informal and softer look, I would suggest our cottage pleat, which now comes with two depth options: 5cm or 10cm - this heading will give you an informal gathered look, ideal for use in a kitchen or bedroom.  A cottage pleat heading can be used with tracks or poles and can be gathered to suit the required width of your window.
In these photos, you will see a cottage pleat heading created with a 1" tape and a 5cm frill above the tape, and then the second with a 10cm frill. These are my favourite heading styles being soft and romantic.

Dark grey made to measure curtain    floral curtain collection

      5cm Cottage Pleat                        10cm Cottage Pleat

pencil pleat curtain heading consists of a 3 inch tape with three rows of string threaded through it with three hook positions to suit all types of track and pole.

It is so called because folds gathered closely together to resemble a row of pencils laid side by side. This heading has the benefit of being adjustable in width so is useful if you move house or adapt them to fit a different window perhaps. 

made to measure quality fabrics

Flop-over-frill heading is a very soft and pretty look especially with a ticking stripe or other stripe in a colour picked out from the main fabric. There is a 1" curtain tape with one position for the hooks. This heading is popular in France and gives a romantic look. The frill is made in scale with the length of the curtains but is usually approximately 15cms long. This heading particularly suits curtains that reach the floor.

 made to measure quality fabrics in many colours

An Inverted Pleat heading has a very clean looking finish to a  curtain header; similar to a cartridge pleat.

 made to measure curtains - unique pattern

Do you offer leading edges?

Yes, our company does! They are placed on the inside edge of the curtain/s and measure approximately 8cm in width. These are a great addition to your curtains if you want to add a complementary or contrasting colour to the room. They also help protect the main curtain fabric from sunlight. Sometimes the edge can match the main fabric of the curtains, or it can be the colour of other items in the room, such as a sofa or a chair, and serves to link the two together.

The edge of approximately 8cms wide is attached to the front and reverse of the curtain and is the fabric you handle to pull the curtains closed. Another benefit of this edge is that if the window is very sunny and eventually fading occurs, this edge can protect the main curtain fabric and be replaced if necessary. An example would be for a lovely floral design to have a plain coloured linen union edge to match one of the colours in the fabric.. These plain linen unions are supplied by our company. You could then have a matching blind made to sit behind the curtain in the same window.

    Wide range of quality fabric in any colour   fabulous room for friends and family

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If you would like to know more about the styles of our made to measure curtains and blinds for your windows and doors then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are a friendly team who are on hand to take your call and are more than happy to assist you with anything so that you get exactly what you need, we can also help with accessories such as cushions too.

We have a beautiful, inspiration photography illustrating our curtains and roman blinds along with other accessories for you to explore through and find inspiration.

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Are made to measure curtains expensive?

Made to measure curtains can sometimes cost more than ready-made curtains that you might find online, but when measured correctly you will get the perfect fit which is something that ready-made curtains can't guarantee. They are also great value as you can be assured of the best quality sewing.

When ordering our made to measure curtains, our lovely staff are on hand to help you measure curtains, window dressings and linings so that you get the perfect finish.

What are bespoke curtains?

Bespoke or made to measure curtains are curtains that are created especially for you and customised to fit your windows perfectly. You need to take certain measurements, like the length of the curtain drop, the length of the curtain poles, whether you want a blackout lining and what type of patterns or textures you like.

All of this is covered as part of the made to measure service offered by our company . We have a huge range of fabrics, colours and patterns to choose from so that you can find the perfect style for you. Some windows look even better with a combination of blinds and curtains; a sitting room for instance.

What types of patterns and colours can I choose from?

We have a wide range of quality designs to choose from - just browse through our collections and choose a pattern, colour or texture that matches your style or catches your eye.

Order some free samples and get a feel for the linen quality and value, see how it looks in the room you are measuring curtains or blinds for and see if they match your paint and carpet/rugs. Maybe you are looking for a lovely green curtain material or grey; both these colours are very popular at the moment and we have a simple search facility online where you can browse for all designs in the colour of your choice.

We have styles for every room, view our latest offers and choose a style from our collections that speaks to you. Your space will feel complete with our made to measure curtains. We do not offer eyelet curtains, but please enquire should you require eyelet curtains.

What is the difference between made to measure curtains and ordinary curtains?

Ordinary curtains are generally designed to fit most windows. Therefore, they are made to measurements that are standard for all windows. If you have a window that is unusual in size or shape, an ordinary curtain will not suit you and as such, you will struggle finding readymade curtains.

Made to measure curtains are tailored to suit the customer's needs. We have a wide range of design features and fabrics available, so we can ensure that your new curtains match your existing decor.

What are blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are made with a special lining of fabric that completely blocks out light.


How to measure up for your curtains:

A video guide to help to measure up 

Please remember that pattern repeats and fabric widths are automatically calculated if you order through our web site. It is advisable to fit your pole or track before ordering your curtains. Your pole or track should ideally extend 30cms on each side of the window so when drawn back light is maximised and at least 15cms above the top of the window to block out as little light as possible again. Please use metric units only when measuring.


WidthIf you have a pole, measure the distance between the finials. (A)

Finished Length for pencil pleat, triple pleat, double pleat and inverted pleat - when measuring the finished length using a curtain pole, we recommend allowing between 2cms and 5cms above the eyelet on the underside of the curtain ring, depending on how much of the pole and rings you wish to hide. From the measurement you choose above the eyelet, measure down to the bottom of the hem (see B & C) and that is your finished length measurement. 

Finished length for cottage pleat (choice of either 5cm or 10cm depth - see below)- these have to be made using a 3cm single position tape, which makes the finished length non adjustable. To measure the finished length for this header, please provide us with the distance from the eyelet to the floor, and depending on your choice of depth, add 5cm or 10cm accordingly.

Finished length for flop over frill - these curtains have to be made with a 3cm single position tape which makes the finished length non adjustable. To measure the finished length for this header, just give us the measurement from the eyelet to the floor. Don't add any extra for the frill, we will do that.

Please note, we will add 25cm for hem allowance.





Width - If you have a track, measure the total length of the track, including any overlap where the curtains meet in the middle.

Finished length: For pencil pleat, triple pleat, double pleat and inverted pleat - when measuring the finished length of your curtains using a track add 1cm above the track (to hide the track) down to the bottom of the hem. (D)*

Finished length for cottage pleat (choice of either 5cm or 10cm depth - see below)- these have to be made using a 3cm single position tape, which makes the finished length non adjustable. To measure the finished length for this header, please provide us with the distance from the eyelet to the floor, and depending on your choice of depth, add 5cm or 10cm accordingly.

Finished length for flop over frill curtains - these have to made with a one inch single position tape which makes the finished length non-adjustable. To get your finished length measurement, just give us the measurement from the eyelet to the floor and don't add any extra for the frill as we will do this. 

Please note, we will add 30cms for hem allowance.



 5cm Cottage Pleat                                     10cm Cottage Pleat