If you have any questions, we should be able to help you here, but if you need anything else please do phone us on 01285 831437

Do you provide parking at your Cirencester showroom?

Sadly, we don't offer any parking. If, however, you are travelling quite a distance to visit the showroom, please phone us in advance & we can let you know if on the day there would be a space available for you to park in. You can call us on 01285 831437

There are also surrounding car parks in the area https://www.cotswold.gov.uk/residents/environment/parking-and-public-toilets/car-parks/, the closest being just a few minutes from us which is Brewery car park: 1A Cripps Rd, Cirencester GL7 1HN - this is a 3 hour maximum, pay & display car park, but is free after 15:00

Is your company environmentally aware?

In my office we are trying hard to do all we can to reduce our impact on the environment: our heat comes from an air to air source heat pumps and our sample room and warehouse are highly insulated using sheep’s wool.

We use recycled paper and biodegradable cardboard. All our waste card and paper is shredded and used as bedding for our ducks and chickens, which in turn makes compost for the vegetable patch!

The Surface Print Company, who print all of our wallpapers and wall coverings, are aware of their responsibilities to the environment and are wholly committed to improving manufacturing processes in line with this. 

Can you tell me what your policy is on eco-friendly practices and process methods?

I only buy certified organic cotton which is combined with eco-friendly flax, to create our unique linen union which I use for all our fabrics - printed and plains.

This is because non organic cotton is the world’s dirtiest crop to grow, because it relies on the heavy use of pesticides which are hazardous to human and animal health. Pesticide use has serious adverse effects on biodiversity and contaminates local water supplies.

Over time the pests build up resistance, so the farmers have to increase the amount of pesticide they buy to grow the same quantities of cotton. The high cost of these pesticides frequently puts the farmers into debt; in April 2009 in Chhattisgarh, a central Indian state, this caused 1,500 farmers to commit suicide. The World Health Organisation reports three million pesticide poisonings per year in developing countries, where almost all cotton is produced. Symptoms of acute pesticide poisoning include vomiting, skin rashes, headaches, tremors, respiratory problems, muscle cramps, blurred vision, and lack of co-ordination, seizures and death. By buying organic cotton you increase demand and help more farmers to be taken out of the debt cycle and have a better quality of life.

Where can I find your brochure?

You can find our brochures on our Homepage: one option is just underneath our Introduction, the other under the 'Inspiration' tab at the top. You can also fill in your details at the very bottom of the Homepage to join our mailing list, email us on enquiries@vanessaaruthnott.co.uk, or phone us on 01285 831437 and we will happily send you one in the post. 

If you are abroad and don’t want to pay the £6 postage fee, or just want to limit your carbon footprint, you can flick through our online version by clicking here

How do I order samples?

Simply click on “Order a Sample” button next to your chosen fabric, wallpaper or wall covering, and proceed to basket as normal - we don't charge for the first 5, however there is a £1.50 postage charge; this applies to the aforementioned 5 free samples. For more than 5 samples it will cost £1 each thereafter, and for overseas orders we do make a charge. You can also click on top menu of the homepage to order fabric samples, click here to get started. *Please note that 20 is the maximum amount of samples that can be placed on one order.

Can the fabrics you offer be used for upholstery?

Yes all our fabrics are suitable for upholstery, curtains,  blinds & soft furnishings.

Can I have a larger sample to test out in my home?

We are happy to send out half metre returnable samples. We can send them directly to you or your chosen recipient. We charge you for each returnable, (price varies depending on the specific fabric added to order), and then refunded on their safe return to our showroomThese can be kept for up to 4 weeks. 

What fabrics do you use?

Nearly all of our fabrics are a really good quality, medium weight Linen, and Organic Cotton mix called Linen Union woven in Scotland. We also sell 100% Linen fabrics, 100% Organic Cotton, 100% Wool & Velvet which has a composition of  80% Cotton, 10% Modal & 10% Polyester

How hard are roller blinds to install?

The simple answer is not at all. With only two fixture brackets and four screws, you can have your blinds up in less than 30 mins! Installing blinds could not be easier and is possible for someone who is new to DIY work. You just need a cross head screwdriver, an awl, a pencil, a tape measure and a drill. When properly installed, the roller blind will sit neatly inside or outside the window recess. If you would like to hide the top roll from view and it is fitted inside a recess we can now offer a pelmet made to match your blind.

What size part metres do you sell please?

You can order in 10cm increments, so 3.5m or 3.6m etc. 50cm is the minimum order.

Where can I find details on your returns and delivery policy?

You can find our full policies by clicking here

Cut lengths of fabric are non-returnable.

Rolls of wallpaper/wall coverings and rugs are returnable at the cost of the customer. They should be in perfect condition & sent back within 30 days of purchase. Once safely back at our showroom, we will refund you accordingly and send you a courtesy email confirming transaction.

Do you ship Fabrics and Made to Measure items overseas?

Yes we can ship both items overseas. Fabric is dispatched as standard - on a carboard tube and double wrapped in plastic for protection. However, for Made to Measure items, we do not ship anything over 150cm long to overseas locations. 

What are your delivery options?

We offer an Express 24-hour service as standard. For any larger parcels, they will be sent on an Express 48-hour service, both with Parcel Force.

Next Day deliveries cost an extra £10 on top of our standard postage fees. To book a next day delivery, you will need to place the order with us before midday. We can send either directly to you or to your chosen recipient. *Please note, we do not deliver on Saturdays. 

Large rugs have to be sent on a 48 hour service because of their length, so will therefore take a day longer to arrive on an express order. This will also apply to larger Made to Measure items.

Pricing will vary depending on what is ordered, please click here to view our delivery and returns page.

What are application instructions for Wallpaper &/or Wall Coverings?

1. For Wallpaper - Measure the height of the wall to be prepared. Lay the wallpaper on a clean floor or table and cut allowing extra at the bottom and top so you can trim the paper if needed. Apply the paste onto the back of the Wallpaper

2. For Wall Coverings - Apply the paste directly onto the wall, not the back of the Wall Covering. Once placed onto the wall, brush out any air bubbles with a good quality brush as normal - the same applies for Wallpaper.

3. Cut off excess wallpaper at the top and bottom with a Stanley knife.

4. Cut the next drop of wallpaper allowing for pattern matching and extra trimming at the top and the bottom (just like matching fabric).

5. Now paste the next drop of wallpaper/section of wall, and place it alongside the first, matching the pattern.  We would recommend using a good quality ready mixed paste such as Halls Beeline or Solvite., 

What paste do I use for Wallpaper & Wall Coverings?

We recommend using a good quality, ready mixed paste such as Solvite or Halls Beeline, as these have the correct amount of water in them. If mixed at home, it could contain too much water, thus potentially causing shrinkage of the wallpaper/wallcovering once hung and dried, so we would highly recommend purchasing a commercially available, ready mixed paste. 

I have some stains on my oilcloth. How can I remove them?

Our oilcloth is resistant to most stains, but not completely fool proof. To prevent the life and appearance of your oilcloth product we recommend wiping up potential staining substances immediately. The following are the main staining culprits:

Turmeric will stain the cloth quickly and permanently

Tomato based sauces, carrot, blueberry and blackberry juice, tea, coffee and some red wines may stain if left on too long. 

Anything oil based such as lipstick, crayons, felt-tipped pens etc, as well as nail varnish and damp newspaper prints can also stain the cloth. 

Wipe clean after meals and mop up obvious spills straight away - you can even use a tiny bit of neat bleach to remove really stubborn stains. Ultimately our products are designed to keep surfaces and clothing protected, it's natural that over time oilcloth will pick up the odd stain from a messy eater or an enthusiastic artist: that's family life! 

How can I prolong the life of my curtains?

Unfortunately, fading from sunlight is always possible. Here are some tips to help prolong the life of your curtains -

You can draw them well back from the light, you can line and interline them, you can also draw them with a pulley system to avoid making the leading edge dirty.

Swapping the curtains over from time to time helps to keep the fabric exposed to sunlight at a minimum. Please also beware of using spray cleaners in rooms with our fabrics - blues are especially vulnerable. This is due to the chemicals found in the sprays (including bleaching agents) which can settle on the folds of blinds and curtains and cause them to fade over time. We cannot be held liable for fading of this kind. Fabrics can also fade if exposed to gas from heaters, boilers and cookers. Click here to download a PDF, which also gives you some hints & tips on cleaning your curtains.

How can I look after my made to measure furniture?

If you have ordered a sofa or chair from us with feather filled seat cushions, we'd recommend plumping them at least once a week - this will help prolong their life. Give them a good bash or drop them onto the floor on all edges, swap over left and right hand cushions from time to time to even out fabric wear and fading. Try to keep the fabric free of dust by vacuuming regularly. Unfortunately, any furniture placed in direct sunlight will fade over time, so we'd recommend avoiding this wherever possible.

Can the tweed pill/bobble?

My earthy range of Harris Tweed is woven exclusively for me on the small islands of Harris and Lewis. The tweeds are woven using 100% Scottish Wool and are soft and beautiful. As with all wool products pilling can occur with upholstery, the bobbles can be reduced using a fabric shaver.

Customers are sometimes concerned that pilling means that the fabric is wearing away and disintegrating – this is not the case. Pilling is a normal occurrence caused by wear and tear, and does not affect the durability or functionality of the fabric. It is mostly removable and inevitable with all wool fabrics. *Please note that Tweed is prone to fading if placed in direct sunlight. 

Can you cut down the oilcloth to bespoke measurements and shapes?

We cut the oilcloth to increments of 10cm, but only to length. We do not cut down the oilcloth to bespoke widths or to any specific shape, as we do not have the appropriate cutting machines available to do this. The oilcloth is sent on a cardboard tube in order to avoid creasing. 

How do I get the creases out of my oilcloth?

You can spray the back of the oilcloth with water and leave it to dry naturally – this might remove the creases. You can also smooth over the creases with your finger. You can iron on the back of the oilcloth to remove creases but only with a very cool iron and be very careful as you can make the surface shiny. It's a good idea to keep the cardboard tube your oilcloth arrives on in case you ever need to take it off your table - popping it back on the tube will keep it crease free.

Do you offer oilcloth in any of the fabrics that aren't listed under oilcloths?

Unfortunately, we only do a small selection of oilcloths. You can see these in the oilcloth section here.

How can I get the creases out of my new curtains?

Once they are hanging you can spray them with a water spray and leave them to hang out creases. Failing that you can use a water steamer – these are effective at removing creases.

For deeper creases, we would recommend a home service visit where operators can clean your curtains on site and in situ, Service Master is a good starting point. Please click here to download and print our hints and tips on prolonging the life of your curtains

How can I stop my rug slipping on a hard wood floor?

The wonderful mill that weaves our rugs also sell a non-slip mat that you place under our rugs, which very effectively stops it from slipping. They sell these online, see: www.solvawoollenmill.co.uk 

If I have made a mistake and ordered the wrong fabric is it returnable?

We are very sorry, but cut lengths of fabric are non-returnable, so be sure to quote the code and colours you would like accurately. It would be even better if you checked your sample against the brochure to be sure the code etc. is right!

Can you help me to calculate how much fabric I will need for my curtains and blinds?

We can help you, just phone us on 01285 831437, or email enquiries@vanessaarbuthnott.co.uk

You can also use our online calculator to find out roughly how much fabric you'll need. *Please note, this is specifically based on what we would provide to our suppliers, so it's just a suggestion. If you have someone making your curtains or blinds, please get the precise fabric measurements from them instead as others may make them up differently to us. For example, we allot 30cm for hem allowance on curtains, others may use less. 

To access our online calculator, choose the fabric of your choice, then select an option provided in the 'Use this fabric to make' list located below the fabric description, for example, Curtains. Once clicked it will take you straight to our step-by-step Made to Measure guide. After entering in all of your measurements etc, click on 'Confirm or Print' and a pop-up window will tell you how much fabric you need next to 'Length Required' in the main fabric section. The same applies if you are using Contrasting Fabric. 

Do you have a shop or showroom?

We certainly do! Our shop and showroom opened in June 2015 and is based in the beautiful Cotswold town of Cirencester, Gloucestershire. The nearest car park to us is The Brewery Car Park (postcode GL7 1HN) and is about 1 minute on foot. Cirencester has some lovely shops, tea rooms, restaurants, markets and museums to explore - why not make a day of it! Click here to find out more

What is the chance of my order being in stock?

We hold very good stock levels; it is very likely that your order will be in stock. If not, we are usually able to reprint very quickly - you can usually receive your order if it is out of stock in approximately 2-3 weeks. Please phone ahead on 01285 831437 if you are popping in to buy fabric, that way we can double check availability of stock and avoid disappointment. *Please note that on very busy days, such as Saturdays, we may not be able to roll larger quantities of fabric for you to take away with you. In this instance, we will post the fabric free of charge the next working day.

How much fabric do I need to make a cushion?

For a 16" cushion, we would supply our makers with 50cm of fabric, and for an 18" or 20" cushion, we would supply 60cm. Please be aware, that independent makers all work differently, so they may need differing quantities depending on their hem allowances etc. This calculation is just a suggestion based on what we would provide to our makers. 

I want to use the fabrics for upholstery. How do they score on a rub test?

Rub Test and Colourfastness - All fabrics except the Plain Linen Unions score BWS ratings 6-7 for colourfastness to light. The Plain Linen Unions score BWS rating 4-5 for colourfastness to light.

All score 30,000 on the Martindale Rub Test for wear and tear excluding our Woven range which score 15,000.

Please note that we wouldn't recommend putting any furniture covered in our fabrics into direct sunlight as all fabric is liable to fade under these conditions.

What are the cleaning instructions for your products?

All Fabrics should be dry cleaned only, but please be aware that: 

Lined, Interlined and Blackout Lined Curtains

We advise Hand-made interlined curtains to be dry cleaned by a curtain specialist. Green Earth dry cleaning at Johnsons would be a good starting point, or, if your curtains are quite large, Service Master will come to your home and clean them on site & in situ. Please avoid standard domestic dry cleaning, and if you are using a green dry clean at a dry cleaners, be aware that they have an acceptable level of shrinkage (3-4%), that could affect your curtains 
When making up linen curtains we recommend the lining is hemmed separately to avoid any sagging.  Hems should be on both sides but not the bottom.

Oilcloths can be bleached to remove stubborn stains, however for general maintenance just wipe the oilcloth.

Wall Coverings can be washed.

Wallpapers can be sponged.

Rugs & Floor Runners with ends bound in Jute can be dry cleaned. Rugs or runners with fringed ends are machine washable.

Is your fabric Cigarette tested?

Yes, all of our fabrics pass the Cigarette test: The Cigarette Test - BS 5852: schedule 4: part 1: 1979 - this means that our fabric passes for domestic use within our home for soft furnishings. For Domestic Upholstery, the fabric does not need to be FR treated, but the upholsterer must use a Schedule 3 fire retardant interliner. Please note, out fabrics DO NOT pass the Match test. The fabric will need to be FR treated. 

Can you add a Fire Retardant treatment to your fabrics?

Yes. This treatment is available as an extra service. If you want it Fire Retarded we will need to add an extra 50cm to all fabrics ordered, which will be used for testing before treating, so please be aware to include this in your final meterage of fabric ordered. 

Do you offer stain/water repellency?

We do! Our stain and water repellency is an additional service offered, please phone us on 01285 831437 for a quote. 

How do I clean my roman blind?

Run the hoover gently over the blind to prevent the build up of dust. Gently rub any dirty spots with a barely damp cloth; be careful not to rub too much and cause colour loss. We would not recommend dry cleaning as it might cause shrinkage.

Do you deliver your furniture for free?

We deliver furniture for free within a 100 mile radius of our showroom (GL7 1QX), and charged by mileage thereafter. 

Can we keep track of dispatched orders?

Yes, you can keep up to date with your parcels tracking via text and/or email. If you provide us with a mobile number, we can attach this to the parcel so that you receive text notifications. Your parcel/s should be delivered within the assigned 24-hour or 48-hour Service, however, occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control, they may take longer.

You can track your order by using your Tracking reference number, simply click here to enter in your details. 

Any advice on curtain care?

Curtains can drop a little over time. If this happens you need to take your curtains down and move the hooks in the heading down correspondingly and then re-hang them. You can do this with both pencil pleat heading and pinch pleat headings. It will be worthwhile measuring the move carefully for pinch pleat curtains with a ruler.