Fabric for Cushions

All my fabrics are suitable for cushion upholstery and make beautiful hard-wearing cushion covers: My Linen Union and 100% Linen, Harris Tweed and Velvet are all suitable fabrics for making cushions from.

How do I measure how much fabric do I need for my cushion covers?

If you already have a cushion pad (feather- filled are best) measure the cushion from the seam at the back of the seat to the seam at the front and from side to side, add 5cms for hems: 50cm of a fabric 137 cm wide will make a cushion 16” x 16”, 60cm will make a cushion 18” x 18” etc.

You will get two squares of fabric one for the front and one for the back of the cushion and then a third square for the piping or any other detail needed. You must also be aware of pattern repeats, if the pattern repeat is large you might need to consider pattern positioning and order more fabric if necessary.

For example, if you use my ‘In Full Flight’ fabric you might want to place a complete bird in the centre of each cushion. You normally put an 18” x 18” pad in a 16” x 16” cushion cover and so on, so that the cushion ends up looking full and luxurious and not limp and flat.

Which fabric should I choose to make my cushions?

Cotton and Linen are widely used as cushion cover fabrics, both being hard wearing and washable. Cushions are used all around the home and outside on the patio or in the garden, therefore the fabric you choose should reflect this.

For example, material used for cushions in a bedroom will not need to be as hard wearing as those used in your main lounge or on your garden bench. A cushion that is placed on an unused chair will not need to be as durable as one on the main family sofa.

Linen Union and 100% Linen are widely used in cushion manufacture. Both are hard wearing and washable. They are natural fibres and therefore are good choices for people with sensitive skins. They are also cool to the touch and therefore a good choice for summer time use. Linen can sometimes crease so seat cushions will need to be turned to avoid creases becoming too visible.

Choose colour and styles that complement the other furnishings in your room. With cushions you can easily add a zing of colour and texture. For instance in a dark grey room you can add in some saffron yellow cushions to enliven and warm up the room.

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