Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
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Made to Measure Roller Blind Fabric

Roller blinds are a single piece of material that when fully closed cover your window space completely. The roller blind system can either be a pulley cord mechanism or a sidewinding chain mechanism that is attached to the blinds roll casing, fitting into or outside of your window recess.

When your blind is fully open the material rolls around the casing leaving your window fully exposed and the natural light entering your room. Linen Union and 100% Linen are widely used in roller blind manufacture and both are hard wearing. They are natural fibres and therefore good choices for people with sensitive skins.

We can make Made to Measure roller blinds using our designer fabric to your exact requirements, to fit any window size or style.

Each of our bespoke blinds can be beautifully made for you by professionals in our traditional workshop based in the UK. They are hand finished with great care and attention and delivered to you well within eight weeks.

Benefits of MADE TO MEASURE roller blinds, some material and room inspiration…

  • Roller blinds can be made to fit wide or narrow width windows and any depth of window or door.
  • They can be made in many different materials and colourways to suit the room they are being fitted in and can be lined with blackout blind material.
  • They are easily maintained and just need to be dusted and occasionally wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Roller blinds collect far less dust compared to curtains or other types of blinds and are great for any room; bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, playrooms, conservatories, kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, hallways, landings, door windows and doors.
  • They can provide privacy in overlooked rooms and can be made in thinner transparent material, so you are still able to see the shapes and colours outside
  • They block the suns glare from a room and are easy to open and shut with no weight to them
  • The opening and closing mechanisms can be fitted to either side and is child and pet safe


We make quality made to measure roller blinds from the measurements you provide. The type of window you have and where you'll be fixing your blind will determine where you should measure from - we've created a handy little guide for you to follow which you can find by clicking here

Helpful Hints before You Begin Measuring for Roller blinds:

  • For the most accurate measurements, only use a steel tape measure.
  • Don’t mix up width and height measurements. Always follow the width by height format (W x H) and mark them as such.
  • Measure down to the nearest millimetre. Never round up or down to the nearest half or whole centimetre.
  • If you’re measuring for more than one window, measure each one individually – never assume that your windows are the same size, even if they may look alike.
  • You can find a useful video talking you through how to measure up for both curtains and blinds by clicking here.

NOTE: There is a gap of about 1.5cm from either edge of the fabric to the ends of the roller mechanism

If your window is wider than our fabric, (most are 137cm wide,) your blind will be made from 2 widths of fabric. The maximum width of a roller blind is 240cm.

Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
Free Fabric Samples Available