Made to Measure Roller Blinds

Our Made to Measure Roller Blinds are created with designer fabrics to produce luxury Roller Blinds to your exact requirements. Our bespoke Roller blinds are custom made to fit any window size or style. Each of our roller blinds is beautifully made for you by professionals in our traditional workshop based in the UK. Hand finished with great care and attention, your luxury roller blind will be delivered to your door within eight weeks (lead times are subject to fabric availability).  Read More...

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Made to Measure Roller Blinds

Our Made to Measure Roller Blinds are created with designer fabrics to produce luxury Roller Blinds to your exact requirements. Our bespoke Roller blinds are custom made to fit any window size or style. Each of our roller blinds is beautifully made for you by professionals in our traditional workshop based in the UK. Hand finished with great care and attention, your luxury roller blind will be delivered to your door within eight weeks (lead times are subject to fabric availability). 


How to Measure for Roller Blinds

To get your perfect roller blinds made to measure, follow our measuring instructions. Here are two templates to help guide you through the measuring process. You can find detailed, visual instructions on how to measure your Roller Blinds in the video below. Or you can read, print, download detailed measuring instructions in our leaflet.

Our Made to Measure Roller Blinds are a simple style of blind that works well in kitchens, bathrooms and places where you need maximum light and a more utilitarian feel. We make beautifully crafted, high quality roller blinds especially for you, in the fabrics of your choice and style for any window. A roller blind is a simple style of blind that works particularly well in rooms where you need maximum light.


Why choose a roller blind compared to curtains? What are the benefits of roller blinds?

Curtains can sometimes make a room feel smaller than it actually is; this can be because they are often bigger and bulkier than roller blinds. Many people choose roller blinds because they offer a space efficient solution, which can be further improved with the use of light filtering roller blinds. They offer a sleek modern option that fits with any home decor. A patterned roller blind can add plenty of character to a room too.

Here is how to choose between curtains and roller blinds

Our Patterned Roller Blinds Include

Choose patterned Roller Blinds from our ranges including;

Striped roller blinds

Block printed roller blinds

Eco friendly roller blinds

Bird pattern roller blinds

Terracotta colour roller blinds

Plain colour roller blinds

Duck egg colourway roller blinds

Woven linen roller blinds

Linen roller blinds

You can shop for roller blinds by colour, buy roller blinds in:

Yellow to brighten any room

Pink for a sophisticated style




Various coloured roller blinds

Blinds are generally more cost effective for those of you who are working to a tight budget. Perhaps you are renovating an entire house? Here a minimum spend can result in maximum impact on a room aesthetic.

Roller blinds are space efficient and suit a room with a lot of windows. They are particularly useful in windows that are difficult to reach, for example behind a kitchen sink. Here you can have a central pull making the raising and lowering of the blinds easier.

Choose from roller blinds for kitchen windows or get roller blinds designed for big windows

With the introduction of the pelmet enabling you to hide the roll top and make it look much neater, I truly believe blinds will become more popular and could be used in all rooms in a house.


What Roller Blind styles are available?

We have standard rolled, standard rolled with pelmet, or reverse rolled roller blinds where only the fabric shows. 

Standard Rolled - The fabric falls backward and sits closer to the window, thus displaying a 'white roll' at the top which is the reverse lining. 


 Standard Rolled with pelmet - The pelmet is pattern matched to your blind. We can offer contrast fabrics for pelmets, please contact us to discuss this further.


Reverse Rolled - The fabric falls forward 



Can I have my pelmet either pattern matched to my blind, or in a contrasting fabric?

You can have either! If the main fabric on the blind is the same as the pelmet, it would be perfectly pattern matched. If, however, you'd like a different fabric for the pelmet, you would need to contact us to discuss this further. Please note that if you wanted one large pelmet to cover more than one Roller Blind, then the pattern may not match perfectly. It would be best to call in advance, or consider either a smaller pattern repeat or Plain Linen Union for the pelmet.

Check out all of our roller blind fabrics.

Pattern matched pelmets to Roller Blinds


 Contrast pelmet (bespoke example)


Here is an example of our off the shelf roller blind with a pelmet in matching fabric


How to measure pelmets for Roller Blinds

All pelmets are made bespoke to your roller blinds and patten matched throughout. If your blind is going on the inside of an angled recess, for example a splayed window, then the width of your pelmet will alter depending on where you want to fix it; the distance within the recess as to where it's placed is up to you. You will need to include this measurement in your order as your 'finished pelmet width'; please refer to the diagram below.


Are borders available for Roller Blinds?

Yes absolutely, and this can be in any fabric of your choice. It would be available as a bottom border only on Roller Blinds and measures 5cm in width.



What options are available for roller blind pull mechanisms?

We provide either an ivory cord, or beaded chains as shown below in the following order, (from top to bottom): Ivory Cord, Brass, Gun Metal, Pewter, Chrome, and Antique Bronze. The Ivory cord can be used for both side and centre pull options. For the centre pulls, it will always come with an ivory cord and wooden acorn, (below).


What treatments are available for Roller blinds?

We offer Processed Roller Blinds, which are unlined and is just the fabric on its own that has a stiffening spray applied to it for rigidness. Another option is Laminated, which is a lining on the reverse of the main fabric, and lastly is Blackout.

Processed, Laminated, and Blackout (Blackout is an option the runs in conjunction with Laminated lining)



How to install Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds are easy to install and need only two fixture brackets and four screws. Their simplicity of installation means you can have your blinds up in less than 30 minutes!

Installing blinds could not be easier and is perfect for someone new to DIY work. You just need a cross head screwdriver, a pencil, a tape measure, and a drill. When properly installed, the roller blind will sit neatly inside or outside the window recess. If you would like to hide the top roll from view and it is fitted inside a recess, we can now offer a pelmet made to match your blind.  

Here is how to hang your Roller Blinds.

Find more information about our roller blinds here.

Roller Blind FAQs 

Q. What minimum and maximum sizes are available for Roller Blinds?

Centre pull options for a Roller Blinds have a minimum width of 43cm. The maximum is 240cm wide by 180cm drop. 

Q. What is the difference between Processed, Laminated, and Blackout Roller Blinds?

Processed Roller Blinds use one width of fabric that is then treated with a clear stiffening spray to create rigidness and repel dirt, dust, and moisture. Laminated Roller Blinds have a soft cream lining adhered to the reverse of the main fabric. An extension of this option offers Blackout Lining, ideal for privacy and sun blocking if needed.

Q. What beaded chain options are available?

We offer Ivory Cord, Chrome, Antique Bronze, Pewter, Brass, and Gun Metal – continuous chains for your roller blind controls. 

Q. Do you offer spring loaded roller blinds?

Yes we also offer spring loaded roller blinds. They are always assigned a centre pull control with an ivory cord and wooden acorn. 

Q. What’s the difference between standard rolled, and reverse rolled Roller Blinds?

Standard rolled is when the fabric rests closer to your window, where the reverse lining of the blind is visible at the top of the blind. However, reverse rolled is where the fabric falls forward, thus concealing the reverse lining. 

Q. Do you have double-sided fabric for roller blinds?

With the exception of the Malmo, all of our Scandinavian Woven fabrics are double-sided, they are therefore a particularly good choice for processed blinds as you can see both 


Larger photos of Roller Blinds

 Browse larger photos of our Roller Blinds that have been beautifully laid out in previous photo shoots. 

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If you would like to know more about the styles of our Made to Measure Roller blinds and Curtains for your windows and doors, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are a friendly team who are on hand to take your call and are more than happy to assist you with anything so that you get exactly what you need, we can also help with accessories such as Cushions too.

How to measure up for your Roller Blind:

Inside a window recess

 Width: Measure the width of the recess from the left to the right (see E on the diagram) 

Length: Measure from the top of the recess to the bottom (see E on the diagram)

YOU ONLY NEED TO PROVIDE US WITH THE FULL RECESS MEASUREMENT - the maker will allow for the rolling mechanism when making the blinds (There will be a gap of about 1.5cm between the fabric and the recess wall which will allow some light through, even with a blackout lining)

Outside a window recess

Width: Measure the outside of the window recess (see F on diagram) and add at least 5cms on each side to minimise any light leaking through. 

Length: Measure from the required position above the window (we recommend adding at least 5cm), to the length you require (see F on the diagram)

This also applies to blinds that will be fitted to the outside of a door recess, we only need the width and length that you would like the finished blind to be.

Please note that if your roller blind is outside the recess, we have to allow for the mechanism at either side of the roller blind, which is usually 1.5cm each side. For example, if you want the fabric width of your blind to measure 100cm, you need to specify this upon placing your order as 'finished fabric width', otherwise our makers will assume it is the recess width, and cut the fabric down to 97cm with the remaining 3cm for the mechanism, i.e. 100cm full fabric width + 3cm for mechanism, making the final recess width 103cm.

 Your Roller blinds will be delivered complete with hanging instructions and fittings.