Measuring for Roller Blinds – How to Measure for Luxury Roller Blinds

Here is how to measure your windows so your bespoke roller blinds fit perfectly when you put them up. Roller blinds are easy to use and are a good option for both standard windows and also those which are are larger or non-standard in size, for instance in older homes where window reveals and frames are sometimes irregular in shape.

Roller blinds can be made to fit these, if you follow our measuring instructions.

Add a little luxury to your home with our luxury made to measure roller blinds.

For roller blinds inside and outside a recess

This guide will cover measuring for roller blinds, inside the recess and also outside the recess. It is worth looking at the diagram on our website, and the how to measure for roller blinds video showing you how to measure up.

First of all, identify if your window has a recess and decide if your blind will fit inside or outside of this space, also consider which would be best aesthetically  

You will need a pencil and paper to record your measurements, a metal tape measure and a step ladder, if necessary.

Inside the Recess

Windows are not always perfectly square so you should measure the width at three different points, as you go down the window frame.

measuring the top of a window for a made to measure roller blind

1. Measure the top of the window, inside the recess using centimetres (cm) to begin to finding the width measurement you need for your roller blind

measuring the middle of a window avoiding handles for a made to measure roller blind

2. Measure the middle of the window, inside the recess using centimetres (cm) to help you understand the variation in the width of your window

measuring the bottom of a window for a made to measure roller blind

3. Measure again at the bottom of the window, you want to make sure that, your blind provides great coverage of the window even at the narrowest point of the window, so understanding the width at different points can help you get the best fitting inside the recess roman blinds.

Then use the shortest measurement as your width. Take your measurements in centimetres and give us the entire measurement and we will subtract 1cm to make sure the blind runs up and down smoothly.

Always be aware of window handles: make sure the blind will clear the handle when dropped down. You might have to make the roller blind width measurement narrower to avoid a handle. Window air vents should also be considered; we can give you extension brackets, to make the blind sits a little further out from the window to allow the vent to work.

Be aware that the roller blind mechanism is 3.1cm wider than the blind, so adds 1.5cm on each side of the blind (we will take this into account – you just need to give us the whole recess width). Also if the blind is inside a recess make sure the glass will be covered, if not you should choose to have your blind outside the recess.

For the length or drop, measure from the top of the recess to where you would like the blind to end up when pulled down.

inside the recess roller blind length measurement

So measure from the top of the window down to where you want your blind to hang using centimetres (CM) as your measurement unit.

You also need to decide which side you want your chain and finally choose the colour for your metal chain.

roller blind control  roller blind chain options

made to measure roller blind inside recess over small bathroom window


Outside the Recess

Again, take three measurements across the width of the window (as you go down the window) as for a recessed blind, but add between 2cm and 15cm (your choice) so the whole window recess is covered.

outside the recess roller blind top of the window.

For the length measure from the top of the recess to where you would like the blind to stop. You also need to decide which side you want your chain and finally choose the colour for your metal chain. You can have central pull if the blind is hard to reach, behind a kitchen sink for instance.

measuring for a roller blind outside the recess

Using centimetres, measure outside the window recess if you want your roller blind to span the entire width of your window.

roller blind over kitchen sink

If you’re not sure which you prefer, checkout the pros and cons of roller blinds, roman blinds and curtains for ideas, inspiration and pros and cons of each type.

How to measure a bay window for roller blinds

Roller blinds work well in bay windows, where three or more blinds can be placed side by side. If you want maximum light, this is an excellent option because the blinds pull up smoothly to a neat roll (there is no stack of folds as with a roman blinds). For those inside a recess you must know that the roller blind rail will be 3.1cm wider than the blind: 1.5cm on each side of the blind. For three or four blinds on a row of flat windows/doors as above please give us the entire recess measurement, with individual blind requirements within that entire measurement, and we will subtract for the brackets

If your bay window has gentle or more acute angles between the windows: take specific measurements for each blind so that the glass areas are covered but the blind mechanism and roll of fabric when the blind is pulled up, don’t hit each other at the top. In this instance with a bay window with angles you will have to give us individual blind measurements rather than the whole recess.  Please note that when the blind is pulled up takes up it hangs down approx. 9cm.

Outside the recess large window roller blindsPelmets for roller blinds

 Consider having a pelmet made to hide the top of the blinds.

This is a smart and neat way of hiding the roll and mechanism, especially appropriate for living and sleeping spaces.

These will be approximately 11cm in height and pattern matched to the blind.

There are two choices a straight one for roller blinds inside a recess and one with sides for blinds outside a recess.made to measure roller blinds for large windows

How to measure big large and wide windows for roller blinds

Very large and very wide windows really suit roller blinds which create a unfussy window dressing which will shut out the dark at night and also be useful to shade from direct sunlight if needed during the day.

For flat run of windows and doors, blinds can sit closely side by side and be united by a long single pelmet.

So here measure the entire recess and then also give the width of each blind from the side of the recess to the centre of each wooden column, and for the middle blinds measure from the centre of one column to the centre of the next.

We will make sure the blinds will all fit in side by side, and will subtract the 3.1cm for each blind to fit in the blind mechanism.

Here are roller blinds for big windows


How to check your measurements for roller blinds are correct

It’s always a good idea to double check the measurements you have made for your windows to make sure they’re accurate.  Just get out the metal tape measure again and check the width of each blind and the length.

The length is a little more flexible as with a roller blind there is always extra fabric on the roll.

If you are simply replacing an existing blind you can check your measurements against that.


How much are made to measure roller blinds

The cost is affected by the size of the roller blind: if the blind is less than 134cm wide it can be made from one width of fabric, which will make it cheaper. Also, if it is made with no bottom border nor blackout lining it will be less expensive. 

Do check out our made to measure roller blinds, which can be custom made to the perfect size for windows around your home, simply measure your windows, pick a fabric for your roller blinds and order online customising the roman blind to the measurements you need for the perfect luxury made to measure roller blinds at home.

Measuring for another window?

If you’re renovating, refreshing your windows or looking for new curtains or roman blinds, try how to measure for curtains.