Design Consultation Service

Do you want to modernise or redecorate your home? If you're looking for ideas or suggestions, we're here to help! Our Design Consultation advisers collaborate with you to design amazing new interiors that are personalised to your lifestyle, taste, and budget.

There can be a lot of options to make: curtains or blinds, colours or neutrals, plains or patterns, classic or contemporary - but with our passion and knowledge, we can help you make the correct decisions for your home that you'll love for years to come. In order to meet as wide a range of needs as possible, we are offering virtual design consultations which since lockdown has gone from strength to strength. A 30-minute video consultation via WhatsApp. This has been quite useful and effective, and it's even better because it's free! Clair, our Design Consultant, will call you directly to show you around your rooms/house, etc so she can make suggestions as you go. 




Customer Reviews - Virtual Consultations


Clair was so helpful and took time to understand what I was trying to achieve with my home improvements. I’m looking forward to her advice.


Extremely helpful, professional service. Clair was friendly and quickly put me at ease, she was clearly knowledgeable and very quickly understood what was missing and the look that I was hoping to achieve.


The consultation helped me to sort out my dilemmas over my curtains. Clair was extremely helpful and gave me excellent advice. An incredibly prompt quote and replies to queries.


Clair came up with some great ideas during our WhatsApp video consultation and samples arrived within 2 days as promised. I now have definite choices for the rooms in my extension. 


We found Clair extremely helpful. It was a joy to discuss our plans and ask her advice.


I had a lovely consultation with Clair. She very quickly understood what I was wanting and was very helpful and thoughtful with advice on curtain/blind style and showing me fabric that would suit my living room/dining room in the colours I was wanting. She sent me samples of different fabrics which arrived the very next morning in the post. I am having a think about them and will be back in touch with Clair soon. It was great to be able to have a WhatsApp video call asI am not near to Cirencester. Thank you Clair.


The curtains arrived yesterday and are now up and looking very smart. I am incredibly happy with them. Thank you so much for your advice and attention. It has been a pleasure.


Clair had ideas which I had not thought about. Loved her thoughts on colour and pattern for me to use in my projects relating to what I already have. Very pleased with the call. She was extremely helpful. Thank you.


I found Clair's decisiveness a relief in the face of so much choice. She pointed out things I hadn't thought of - in terms of visually linking pieces of furniture with accent colours. Talking to her really clarified what I wanted and she is sending me samples and larger pieces to try in the post. Hope to place my order soon :)


I thought Clair, the designer, had a very open manner & was easy to speak with. She asked relevant questions to ascertain my ideas for the bedroom, listened well and then advised, checking her recommendations were within the remit. The whole experience was incredibly useful & enjoyable. Thank you!


Clair's expertise was invaluable. She was helpful, patient and cheerful. Before our zoom call I had felt overwhelmed by choices and ready to give up. I'm so glad Clair was there to help.


The WhatsApp design appointment with Clair was excellent. She had read my brief fully and came up with several great fabric combinations for my scheme. I liked them all! But was able to pin point a favourite and samples arrived within a couple of days. Great service and very helpful in my project planning. I can highly recommend to anyone looking for some guidance on the best colour combinations to choose.


Clair was extremely helpful. We have a slightly tricky project but she was knowledgeable and gave me several options. I’m looking forward to moving forward and seeing the finished windows now in the gorgeous fabric that I’ve chosen.


Clair was very knowledgeable and quickly assessed what I wanted to achieve and made some great suggestions. A very worthwhile 30 minutes which has really helped me to move my project forward. Really pleased with the sample suggestions she subsequently sent me.


I found the meeting with Clair really helpful and was surprised how well the online appointment worked. Clair quickly got a sense of the room I wanted to rework. She also picked up a sense of what colours and patterns I liked. The conversation gave me confidence to continue with my project. Clair was also very efficient in following up our conversation with sending samples. I feel inspired to visit the shop and get on with the next stage of planning. Thank you.


I enjoyed my half hour video appointment with Clair who is a really easy person to chat with. I wanted some ideas for a new look in my bedroom and Clair picked up on all the (many!) things in there which are both a hindrance and a help in selecting a new scheme.


Clair was very helpful & knowledgeable in advising me .Nothing was too much trouble , and she was patient and kind throughout our session despite internet problems my end ! I found her expertise in interior design & professional skill invaluable .I look forward to the curtains & cushions transforming this room. Many thanks.


I absolutely loved my half hour consultation with Clair from the Vanessa Arbuthnott team. I found it so inspiring to talk to Clair about our room and the fabric choices she suggested and am now eagerly awaiting my fabric samples. Clair was so helpful with many aspects of our room design and the video phone call worked really well for showing the room layout, colours and windows. I now can’t wait to get started with my curtains and blinds.


Wonderful to speak to Clair. She is so knowledgeable and has really inspirational ideas. Makes the choosing of the fabric and the colour schemes such an enjoyable experience. Instils confidence. Thank you.


Thank you so much for this design service. It was so great to discuss all the possible options for my dining room with Clair. She shared some lovely ideas and it was wonderful to discuss this with her. What’s App was amazing so I could show Clair my house so that she got a feel of the house. It was so nice to talk colours and fabrics, I loved her suggestions. Great to start planning new things after a difficult year.


Really very helpful to have remote consultation via WhatsApp with Clair able to see windows and room in question and offer up suggestions of fabric, colour, pattern etc then arrange for fabric samples to be sent out so I can try them in the space- very excited to see them! Great service you’re offering especially as I live in North West, a long way from your shop!


Loved the personal service. Clair really listened to my needs and offered some great insights and recommendations based on her expertise. I feel confident I'll quickly be able to get to the outcome I am looking for now that I have engaged the help of the home design team.


I am so impressed with this service. Clair was brilliant, she had taken on board all I had said in the preparatory email and came up with two very different schemes for each of the two rooms. She is very efficient . Within minutes of my time with her she sent me an email with all the fabrics etc that we discussed. Thank you very much Vanessa Arbuthnott for offering something so personal and easy and even better for free.


I found the whole process to be extremely efficient, emails and reminders of the consultation by text so no danger of forgetting the appointment by either party. The actual consultation was very informal and very helpful. I find choosing fabrics to coordinate in a cohesive scheme can be quite daunting however Clair gave me confidence in my choice and gave my ideas on how to finish off the room, would definitely recommend the service.


Clair was full of knowledge, we are both sewing enthusiasts so made the chat extra special for me. Clair really helped on one of the bathrooms as not practical to change yet (lot of building work going on you see) honeycomb colour tiles with pebble toppers we found a great fabric to blend with honey colour and bring out the grey & blue tones.
Thank you Clare


I was very pleased to have had the opportunity to chat to Clair who had some good ideas and suggested colours and furnishings I hadn't considered. What was particularly nice was that I didn't feel under any pressure and have been left with loads of things to think about. Clair was great and really easy to talk to - top marks.


It was a pleasure chatting through ideas with Clair and I really look forward to getting my samples so I can move forward with the ideas we discussed. I would highly recommend this service. Thank you


I recently bought a sofa in fern green, which looks dull and out of place in the room. Clair was really helpful; she immediately understood the sort of look I was after and helped me choose colours that would complement the sofa and existing cushions. The samples are in lime, kale and plum! A great service, Thank you.


I was slightly hesitant in booking for this service as I haven't used an interior designer or support in this way before. Clair immediately put me at ease and asked me what I really wanted from the session. I have been so delighted with the suggestions she made, not only in fabric choices, but in the room layout and furniture choices to maximise the space in our sitting room. Would highly recommend to book in!


The zoom consultation was really helpful in making me think how I could work with what I have and also any change I was seeking. Really looking forward to thinking about how I am going to do my room and look at the fabric and colours suggested. Made me think about things really differently.


I couldn't have asked for a better consultation. Clair was so helpful and pointed out things to consider that I hadn't thought of and gave me much more confidence in my choices. Thank you Clair. What a wonderful service. 


So very helpful, full of lovely ideas took me in a different direction to what I was thinking - lovely choice of colour and fabrics. Thank you Clair. The online booking is service is really easy to use, very efficient 😊


I had a face time meeting with Clair regarding roller blinds for my kitchen. She was extremely knowledgeable and gave me some great advice. I enjoyed our meeting very much and was able to place my order with confidence. 


Friendly member of the team gave me some great suggestions of fabrics to consider for curtains and soft furnishings in our kitchen.


I just want to thank you and everyone at Vanessa Arbuthnott who helped to create my beautiful curtains. I am absolutely delighted with them. A real bonus was not even having to gather them up they were ready to go!! Your suggestion to fitting curtains rather than opt for blinds was an excellent piece of advice. As was fitting the curtain pole at a higher point on the wall. It has been a miraculous transformation and has certainly given better proportions to the window and made the room feel more square but still very cosy. Now that they are in situ we can add the finishing touches to finish the decor off.

This has been a long journey over the course of this strange year. It seems such a long time since we visited the showroom back in January and who would have predicted everything that has gone on since then.


My phone consultation with Clair was extremely helpful. I had lost my way decorating my bedroom and, although I had some thoughts, I needed her expertise to open up new possibilities for me. Now eagerly awaiting my samples.


Congratulations to your company for a very innovative and satisfactory way around the current difficulties. The ethical side of Vanessa Arbuthnot has been a very important criteria in choosing the company.


Although WhatsApp wasn’t possible, Clair was well informed and ready with ideas which showed she had already taken account of my room, view of the garden, colours etc and was able to help me focus (which isn’t easy). I found the experience very worthwhile and most useful.

Customer Testimonials - Home Design Consultations


Thank you SO much for being so helpful.  I so enjoyed your call and the suggestions you made.  It all makes much sense through your eyes. My husband was listening in from his office (!) and was immediately enthused and raced down the stairs with tape measure in hand! Thank you too for the Merrick and Day link which I will explore and for ordering the samples which I look forward too.  Then I had better get busy.  No excuses. Huge thanks again Clair.

Carole & David

"We have been so happy with the results of the Arbuthnott design consultation. We were struggling to find the right look for our 1930's stone house that we were in the process of renovating. Clair talked us through the different aspects of design and styles that she felt would both suit the house and our preferences. She was very patient when we were indecisive with colour and patterns, and gave us large enough samples to picture the finished curtains, and time to make the right choices.

When it came to ordering, Clair measured the curtains and blinds taking all the stress from us making an expensive mistake. We are so pleased with the finished room; it finally looks dressed and fits in with our relaxed life style. We will be using the design service and Clair's expertise to help with the rest of our house."


"I had visited the shop several times trying to narrow down which styles and colour schemes would be suitable for my new orangery and an upstairs bedroom.  As the orangery was half built at the time, I found it hard to picture how it could be and was unsure where to start with a new and empty space.  I liked the range of materials within a colourway and was inspired by the catalogue to put different materials from the same range together in the room and I decided to start the design of the room with the materials but was unsure of my choices.  Clair came out to have a look at the two spaces and was a huge help.  In the bedroom she considered the way the light entered the room and had the excellent idea to have a roman blind on a smaller window to make the space look bigger.  She advised on the size and shape of the lampshades to fit the space and knew which materials from a slightly different range went well with my original choice.  She competently measured the windows which I always find stressful, and gave good advice about linings etc.

Clair gave me confidence in my choices for the orangery, a great relief to me, and had very useful suggestions for which blinds to go for and how and where they would be operated from.  With her measurements and advice on overlaps for the large windows I felt much more confident buying the long window poles required and had a better idea in my head as to how they would sit when drawn back.

I am delighted with the finished results; I feel that the rooms have an overall harmony while at the same time provide a range of designs that make it more interesting for the eye.  The Home Design Consultation was invaluable to me as it gave me confidence in my choices and took away the worry of the technical details. Clair kept in touch with information as to how the order was progressing and was friendly and reassuring throughout."

Karyn Wilkes

I really enjoyed my consultation with Clair, she was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I am very much looking forward to receiving samples to look at and excited about my new bedroom. I am already planning another session to find some blinds for my kitchen, a project I have put off for too long due to a lack of confidence in choosing the fabric myself. Thank you Clair!"

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