The Bothy and Rose Arbuthnott Artwork

The Bothy

Located in the heart of Cirencester and on the left hand side of our shop and showroom, at 12 Ashcroft Road, is The Bothy. From here a variation of exciting and diverse workshops, classes and events are held, such as lampshade making, charitable/support groups, and much more. All available courses can be viewed online by clicking here.

 Rose Arbuthnott Artist

As well as designing some fabrics for Vanessa Arbuthnott, Rose has gone on to study Art and Art History at Edinburgh University, co-founding 'The Owl Barn' artist residency - a space for artists, makers, and thinkers, undertaken an artist residency in Mexico, and much more! Currently, she is studying a masters in sculpture at RCA in London.

In between her studies, she exhibits her work in numerous galleries, Vanessa Arbuthnott showroom, and also the Bothy! Below is a list of all of her current 'Still Life' paintings which are available for sale. Please email Vanessa Arbuthnott directly for any enquiries, including how to buy, and a quote for framed options.

 All Still Lives are approx size  60cm x 60cm . Oil paint on wooden board.


Zig Zag Vase - unframed £700


Yellow Spotty Vase - unframed £450


Green Bowl – unframed £500


Blue Vases - unframed £600


Purple Vase – unframed £450


Green Bottle – unframed £450


Blue Tulips- unframed £600


Orange Bottle – unframed £600


Pink Vin – unframed £500           


Ochre Yellow Vase – unframed £700


Green Vase – unframed £500


Orange Tulips – unframed £500


Chinese lady – unframed £500


Orange Bottle – unframed £450


Blue Tulips and Red Table Cloth - unframed £500


Blue & White Striped Vase – unframed £450


Turquoise Tablecloth – framed £800