Inspirational Photography

On this page I have selected some of my favourite images and arranged them by room, themes and trends which I hope will help inspire and guide you.

Here are some of my ideas for developing your style:

  • Take a pile of magazines and tear out pages of kitchens, sitting rooms, bedrooms and so on that you like. I did this and found that common themes kept coming up, and that I liked painted floors but not exposed brown beams.
  • Try out new colours before you commit. In my kitchen, I hung bits of fabric on the walls or on furniture and painted squares of colour next to them and then lived with them for a while.
  • Three colours generally work better in a room than two. The third shade makes it more interesting and less 'teamed up' - you can bring in extra colour in carpets, a painting, curtains or even books. It can be small touches.

If you are still unsure, do feel free to email my helpful team with images of your room or house and we will do our best to help. Alternatively, please pop into my showroom and we can guide you through colour schemes, fabrics and furnishings.

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