Decorating with Stripes

Simple yet stylish, statement yet subtle, the stripe never goes out of fashion. With the help of our Interior Designer Consultant Tania Davies, we are going to explore the full impact and versatility of including stripes in every room in your home. 

What effect do stripes haveon a room?

Stripes are timeless, neutral and fully flexible in interior design. When used on wallsor ascurtainsthey change the proportion of a space, with the eye drawn to follow the direction of the line. This delicate Spotty Stripe wallpaper is simple, subtle and imbues the room with understated elegance, creating the illusion of additional ceiling height in this country home. 

spotty stripe wallpaper

Spotty Stripe wallpaper

When used on theceiling stripes broaden a narrow room, on a pitched ceiling they create a tented feeling and, on thefloor, stripes anchor a design or draw the eye along a route such as up this staircase with our 100% British wool Rainbow runner. 

striped stair runner

What patterns go well with stripes?

A stripe is your best, most versatile friend in decorating terms. Stripe happily goes with every other pattern. It adds strength, order and calmness to the floral scheme below, but can also recede and blend in with other patterns in a mix of cushions on a sofa, creating a relaxed look that has seemed to evolve. There really is a place for a stripe in every room.

What is the effect of different styles and thickness of stripes?

The scale and width of the stripe can impact the atmosphere whether used as wallpaper, curtains, blinds or as upholstery fabric. Small, narrow stripes are elegant and not overpowering. The Stripe and Dash on the footstool below contrasts calmly with the energetic Sow and Scatter pattern on the sofa. The French Ticking roman blinds complement the footstool, creating harmony between all the patterns.

striped footstool stripe and dash fabric

Ticking stripes are simple, fresh and relaxed. Sometimes they are a mix of medium and thick stripes, (see our French Ticking)  other times they are created from a single narrow stripe (see our Simple Ticking), these can be woven or printed. Stripes can be used for upholstery to embolden or add tension in a room, or even help to create a more relaxed style via cushions, blinds or curtains 

striped cushion stockholm stripe

Does the room size affect the size of the stripe I should choose?

It’s worth considering the size of the room when you are choosing your stripe. Choose a thicker, bolder stripe in a larger room and a delicate stripe in a small room as large-scale stripes in small rooms can feel overwhelming.

How do I accessorise a room with striped furniture?

Add accessories in plain or simple patterns to coordinate with the colours in the stripes on the furniture. These could include artwork, cushions, lamps or decorative objects such as ceramics.  

How do I decorate with stripes in a living room?

Stripes tend to create the illusion of space with vertical stripes making a room seem higher. This makes stripes ideal in a living room. It is possible to mix patterns in one room; have only one bold print, namely a strong stripe in the upholstery or curtains, and then add in subtler, smaller prints that will allow the hero stripe to shine.

How do I decorate with stripes in a bedroom?

Use stripes in a gentler palette in a bedroom. Pastel shades of pink, yellow or blue. Check patterns work well in combination with stripes, as often seen in classic Scandinavian houses. A suggestion would be striped walls or curtains, a checked headboard and bed valance, and finally a patterned cushion or two on the bed.

What is the effect of colourful stripes?

The colours in the stripes can make a scheme feel classic or contemporary. Our Cornflower or Charcoal stripes are smart and sophisticated whereas our warmer colours such as Marigold or Soft Raspberry are fun, fresh and contemporary.



Floral Stripe – Pigeon, Soft Raspberry, Charcoal / Stripe and Dash – Duck Egg, Cornflower


Simple Ticking Detail – Charcoal / Stockholm Stripe – Saffron, Dove, Winter / French Ticking – Moss, Cornflower



Nordic Stripe – Reindeer, Raspberry / Malmo – Carrot, Cornflower, Cranberry / Lapland Stripe – Cornflower, Terracotta, Damask / Scandi Stripe – Warm

 Stockholm Stripe in Teal and Tomato has been used to stunning effect in this canopy over this luxurious bed. 

Stockholm Stripe in Teal and Tomato canopy

Is it possible to overdo stripes in a room?

When including stripes in your decorating scheme, avoid clustering all striped pieces in one area of the room. Create balance by having striped furniture and items such as cushions, evenly distributed around the room. 

How do I use stripes in a bathroom?

In a bathroom you can be bold and playful. Nautical blue and white stripes are timeless and classical. Go for it, and mix them with striped towels and a striped bath mat!


Do I need a neutral background if I am choosing a striped rug, or have striped furniture?

Depending on the strength of the colours and the design of the stripe it’s likely that the striped rug or piece of furniture will be the focal point for your room. A neutral background, such as painted walls or a onecolour wallpaper will give prominence to the stripe. You could add in smaller, quieter patterns in a similar colour palette to the stripes. 

striped sofa wide colourful stripes

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