How to Fit Roller Blinds: Steps for Fitting Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great choice as they last for many years, there is little that can go wrong with a roller blind and if it does, it is easy to remedy. Eventually, as with all blinds, backing laminates can become dirty and possibly mouldy (depending on the ventilation and heating in a room),  front fabrics may lose some colour, also very unlikely, but possibly after several years the blind mechanism could fail.

If your old blinds are due for renewal, roller blinds can be quick and easy to replace. Here’s how to fit your new roller blinds and take down your old ones.

Then choose from our luxury made to measure roller blinds to replace them.

How to take down a roller blind?

Roller blinds are very easy to get down.

First make sure your blind is rolled up all the way to the top.

Our blinds have spring pins: carefully lift and ease the chain control end of the roller out of its bracket (if needed use a flat bladed screwdriver to prise the blind free. Push it towards the end of the roller, the blind will be released for removal.

You can reuse the bracket after you’ve taken your old roller blind down, as long as you are replacing the old one with the same type of blind.

Alternatively, you can take the bracket down from the wall, provided you’re not going to replace your old roller blinds with new ones or if you’re installing a different type of blind.

How to hang roller blinds?

Once you have measured the space you have available for your roller blinds, you can follow along with instructions to help you hang them perfectly. Here’s how to install roller blind brackets:

  1. With side chain operated roller blinds come two metal brackets, which you will need to fix to the walls at the appropriate distance from each other to contain the roller blind between them. Ensure that they are level. These brackets can be face, top (to the ceiling) or side fixed.


roller blind bracket installation

installing a roller blind bracket


  1. Once you have screwed up the brackets, put the spring loaded pin end of the blind into the round hole of the bracket with one central hole. With the pin end now in position, lift the control end and insert it into the opposite bracket ensuring the lugs click into their corresponding slots. Make sure the centre lug is in the vertical position.


clipping a roller blind into a bracket



  1. Once the hooks are in place, gently pull down on the clutch until the hooks are locked into place. The bottom of the clutch should always point straight down.
  2. The wall chain clip must be fitted at the maximum distance possible from the control mechanism to prevent the chain from becoming slack. Please note it is a requirement in accordance with BS EN 13120 to install the P-Clip  (also known as a tension device) and the installer is liable to ensure child safety.
attach child safe control to wall diagram

Image courtesy of English blinds


Can you hang roller blinds from the ceiling?

Yes, you can attach roller blinds to the ceiling. You will need to make sure you have adequate support from ceiling joists, studs or rafter beams. The anchors that you use need to be able to hold the total weight of your roller blind.

You just need to screw the brackets into the ceiling instead of the wall. There will be no difference in the look of your blind.

Can you hang roller blinds without drilling holes?

Hanging a roller blind without drilling holes is probably a bad idea. Tension rods, adhesive mounting strips and command strips are less secure than brackets, because of the weight of the blind and forces exerted on it when being rolled up and down the window.

Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend things like adhesive mounting strips, because you’ll likely end up having to put your blinds back up once they’ve fallen down.

Can you change the control handling?

The controls will be positioned on the side you requested when you placed your order. If you wish to change them, simply pull them out of the tube and swap them around. Note that if you do this you will also have to swap the brackets around.

change the control side of roller blinds

Image courtesy of English Blinds


If your blind features a child safety chain connector instead of an endless loop, make sure it is positioned correctly before putting the control end back into the tube. For standard roll fabric, it needs to be positioned at the back of the loop


easybreak child safety connector blind

Image courtesy of English Blinds



Can you hang roller blinds anywhere?

You can hang roller blinds anywhere in your house including: conservatories, bay windows, French doors, patio doors, you can even screw them onto UPVC windows. You can also use them on Velux windows but will need to order those directly from Velux.

Roller blinds over large patio doors and two fixed side windows.

roller blinds over large windows and patio doors

If you’re not completely convinced by roller blinds, check the pros and cons of curtains, roller blinds and roman blinds to get an idea of the benefits and drawbacks of each option for your windows.

We offer eco friendly roller blind options too.

What is a reverse roll roller blind?

Ever wondered which way round roller blinds go? With standard blinds the fabric rolls off the back of the tube, with reverse rolled roller blinds it rolls off the front of the tube.

Reversed rolled blinds can be chosen for the following reasons:

  1. To avoid a window handle
  2. To hide the roll from sight

You can order reverse rolled blinds through our website.


reversed rolled roller blind


reversed roll roller blind

Can you change the direction of a roller blind?

You can do this yourself, you need to completely unroll the blind and then re-roll it up in the opposite direction.

Can you hide the top of a roller blind?

You can very effectively hide the top of your roller blind by:

  1. Using a custom-made pelmet, created at the same time as your blind and pattern matched to it.
  2. Ordering a reversed rolled blind, where the fabric rolls off the front of the tube and hides the the roll, the blind comes down away from the window towards the inside of the room. This could be an option to consider if you have a protruding handle obstructing the roller blind.

inside the recess roller blind pelmet

roller blind outside the recess pelmet

Pelmets can be made from a different fabric as you can see above, please contact us for this option.

Match your desired roller blind fabric with the perfect pelmet fabric here.

How to make roller blinds look better?

Blind pelmets really help roller blinds look much smarter enabling them to be used in all rooms of a house. To further perfect the look of your roller blind you can add a contrasting bottom border, which will add an additional colour in your room and can coordinate with other soft furnishings.

roller blind with pelmet 

If your blinds have become mouldy or dirty because of long term then our cleaning instructions could help you improve your blinds.

If your blinds have been faded and damaged by long term use and exposure to light, you may want to replace them. We have a large selection of classic and modern fabric styles suitable for made to measure roller blinds choose your favourite and buy online today.

Are Roller Blinds the best choice for you?

If you’re unsure about whether roller blinds are the best choice for you window, then check the pros and cons of roller blinds, curtains and roman blinds before you buy.