February Mood board – pastel pinks and greys

Here are popular pastel pink fabric styles and colour matching ideas from our February mood board. Our spring mood board matches the coming blossoms of spring to help you redecorate in uplifting styles.

pinks and pastels mood board

As we approach spring, we have put together a light and airy mood board.

Using pastel pinks (our brand new colour ‘Lily Pink’), blues and greys, this is a pretty scheme which would work well in a bedroom or living room. Adding grey and blue to the pink stops it from looking washed out and we have chosen the ‘Rose’ colour to add texture. Velvet works really well on cushions and chairs.

Swatches we love are:

branching out lily pink fabric  lapland stripe pigeon forget me not damson fabric  pretty maids dove winter fabric

dusky pink fabric colour  velvet rose fabric colour intense pink fabric  lily pink lattice leaf fabric

little fern lily pink fabric  little fern mallow fabric

Branching Out – Lily PinkLapland Stripe – Pigeon, Forget-me-not, DamsonPretty Maids – Dove, Winter

Velvet – Rose and Dusky PinkLattice Leaf – Lily Pink, MallowLittle Fern – Mallow and Lily Pink

spring snowdrop flowers inspire spring fabric colours  cherry blossom pink petals match our pink hues

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