May & June Moodboard – pinks and greens

With the wonderful weather that May brings, my showroom team and I have been inspired by the beautiful blossom on the trees to create a pink and green mood board for these next two months.

They have used a mixture of lighter shades, such as the Lily Pink and Limestone, and combined these with the darker Damsons and Sweet Peas to add some colour. A third shade always works well to complete a scheme, and so they have selected Apple Green which would work really well on a cushion, or even an upholstered chair.

For curtains or large blinds, try the Gypsy Garland designs which will really be shown off to their full impact. For a smaller window, Simple Ticking or Branching Out would work well. Pretty Maids is a wonderfully useful co-ordinate – try it on cushions, borders or perhaps a lampshade or two.

 Image result for blossom pink and green