The Beauty of a Made to Measure Quilt

Just think, you can have a quilt made especially for you, from any of my fabrics, to warm up your bed or sofa.

They are beautifully and resiliently handmade to last a long time, near to my office and showroom in Cirencester, by a wonderful lady who pours so much care and love into them. This makes their carbon footprint very low and we have the fun of seeing all the different fabric combinations that you come up with, because of course, we wrap them up and send them to you.

These lovely reversible quilts can be used on beds, sofas and for snuggling under in an arm chair.

Edging options include piped, flat border or an 8cm frill. They can all be made with up to 3 different fabrics to the following sizes:

Small: 140cm x 215cm

Medium: 185cm x 215cm

Large: 200cm x 225cm

Extra Large: 235cm x 225cm

It’s worth looking carefully at these dimensions to make sure you get look you want for your quilt, for instance one that overlaps the sides of the bed, or one that just sits on top of the bed etc.


Here we have a frilled quilt with two fabrics: Bird Hop and Plain Linen Union in Dove acting as the reverse fabric and frilled edge. To the right is a glorious piped quilt, both sides are in our luxurious soft Velvets. Again, the second fabric choice is also used for the piped edge.


Two quilts here for extra warmth. The frilled quilt is in Fruit Garden – Plum & Kale, backed with Pretty Maids in Dove and Winter. Out of interest grey is the third colour in this room adding depth and making it all look less matchy matchy. The bottom quilt is a lovely simple one made from Simple Ticking Detail – Kale, backed & piped in Plain Linen Union – Dove.


My Woven Linens make lovely summery quilts giving a  Scandanavian feel. This piped quilt has the same Lapland Stripe in Dove, Saffron and Charcoal on both sides. Here it is again teamed up with a dramatic buttoned headboard in Plain Linen Union in Charcoal.


This has got to be my favourite bedroom I have ever photographed, it’s so simple, cool and calm and warmed up with a touch of Raspberry red! This quilt is made from Plain Dotty in Cornflower and has a frilled edge in Plain Linen Raspberry. The eiderdown made from my Up in the Air is a one off and is now on my Grandson’s bed at home. Gypsy Garland in Smoke is one of my most popular fabrics; here it is backed with Plain Linen Union in Smoke. The headboard in Lapland Stripe in Smoke, Duck Egg and Hay looks fabulous with it…and of course the Wall Covering in Spotty Stripe, Smoke, creates the perfect back drop.


Here is a really glorious huge quilt…in my For the Love of Rose design. It really gives this rustic bedroom a ‘French’ feel. Creating a stunning contemporary look, this piped quilt has Life and Eternity Charcoal on one side and Pretty Maids in Scree and Winter on the other side.