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Fabric for Swedish Blinds

Swedish blinds have a softer, more home-made appearance than a roller blind, and a similar (but simpler) construction to a Roman blind, with cords running down the front of the blind and attached to a batten heading with rings.

They are very easy to make at home but are best used for windows where they won’t be used too often; they can distort out of shape quite easily and need regular adjusting - It is an informal and relaxed style of blind.

A Swedish blind has a very pretty Scandinavian look: you will need to choose two fabrics, one for the front and one for the back. The back fabric will be seen as the blind rolls up, so stripes and spots are particularly suitable.

What designs would you suggest for your Swedish blind fabric?

All our fabrics are suitable to be used as Swedish blind material.

Swedish Blinds are all made in the UK and look particularly beautiful if made from our woven fabrics, where the fabric looks the same on the front and the back.

This is the fabric type that the Swedish use for making their traditional blinds.

If you want to make Swedish blinds at home...

We recommend that these blinds are used on windows where you can reach the top; you need to help the fabric to roll up by hand as well as by the cord. If you wish for a tightly rolled up look, you will need to do this by hand as the cord on its own rolls the fabric up in a loose roll.

If two fabrics are used together the front fabric can crease and bag. For a blind over 40cm it is advisable to use a woven fabric that doesn't require a lining fabric, to minimise the effect of this.

Above a kitchen sink is a difficult place for a Swedish blind as usually you can't reach to sort it out, better to have a roman or roller blind with a rotary track and a continuous chain.

This blind is supplied on a wooden batten with a cord. Please note that the maximum width a Swedish blind can be made to is 127cm.

Young children can strangle in the loop of pull cords and chains that operate window coverings. New safety regulations BS EN13120 from 28th February 2014; please read and follow the instructions provided with your blind and use the safety equipment supplied. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
Free Fabric Samples Available