Discontinued Fabrics

Everything that we still have that has been discontinued over the course of the last year or two is displayed here. Hurry while stocks last, as they will not be replenished or reprinted! We sell Cut Length fabrics, as well as By the Metre, the differences being as follows: 'Cut Length' fabric is purchased in its entirety and is a pre-cut length of fabric that has been placed onto a cardboard tube - On the fabric of your choice, there are drop-down lists with the various length options available. You can purchase 'By the Metre' fabric in any quantity you choose; the minimum order is 50cm, and we cut in 10cm increments thereafter. 

Folded fabric orders - 2 metres is the maximum amount of fabric that we can post as folded. This will be sent with Royal Mail.

Sale Fabric Disclaimer: After purchase, we assume no liability for fading, defects, or issues with the fabric. Since the fabrics in sales are either discontinued, seconds, or ends of rolls, we do not advise using them for blinds where possible blemishes are more noticeable. It is therefore up to the user to choose how or what they use the fabric for and where it is placed after completion, if the customer still wants to make any of the aforementioned. We will not be held liable if any problems arise.

All sale products, including Discontinued fabrics, are non-returnable.

Other Discontinued items include Wall Coverings, which are all selling at £15 per roll.

*Not all of the images in the picture slides are for sale, some have been used for viewing purposes only.