Made to Measure Children Roller Blinds

Which of your fabrics are suitable for roller blind in children’s rooms?

The beauty of roller blinds in that the surface is flat and children can really enjoy looking at the patterns and the scenes.  Read More...

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Made to Measure Roller Blinds

Which of your fabrics are suitable for roller blind in children’s rooms?

The beauty of roller blinds in that the surface is flat and children can really enjoy looking at the patterns and the scenes. 

I can still remember the fabric in my bedroom when I was a little girl. Children are so observant and have to time to gaze and day dream so it is important to give them pictorial fabrics to feed their wonderful, creative imaginations. Children lie awake for bed more than we do and are eager to look around and absorb their surroundings.

My eldest daughter Rose drew all the animals in our design Wild and Free, found on cave drawings and Etruscan cases, drawn during many visits to the British Museum.  If that won’t feed the imagination of little ones I’m not sure what will! Also, my younger daughter Flora drew the fun bird for Bird Hop. Both designs are available in a range of stunning colours from Saffron yellow to Mallow pink and Teak blue.

‘By the Sea’ is a wonderful scene for gazing at, with people walking their dogs, sailing boats and lighthouses; my husband drew these images after a weekend visit to Mousehole in Cornwall...

These fabrics will grow with the children, they are not exclusively for ‘little people’ and you won’t have to change the blinds as they grow up... children’s become very attached to the familiar.

These designs are printed on beautiful linen and come in lots if gorgeous colours and for me fit the bill.

Children's bedrooms and playrooms can look really wonderful with made to measure roller blinds that can brighten up and transform any children’s bedroom, playroom or nursery.

If you simply cannot decide which is best, blinds or curtains in a child or baby’s room then try using both. Doing so provides privacy, and gives you design options you will not have with blinds alone, adding more colour and pattern.

You can choose to have blackout lining to discourage early morning waking...

My Pretty Maids and Stockholm Stripe all coordinate beautifully with them and work well as coordinates for a chair, cushion or bed head.


GOOD FOR INSIDE A RECESS – if you are looking to fix a blind into a recess, roller blinds are the perfect choice and why not add a pelmet to hide the roll?  With roller blinds you have complete control over how much material covers the window. This is especially a good feature if you have smaller windows.

MAXIMUM LIGHT – if you want to allow in as much natural light as possible, roller blinds may be the better option over roman blinds. With roller blinds, the fabric rolls up at the top of your window and will take up about 9 cm of space.

CENTRAL PULL – with a roller blind you can have a central pull which can be handy on a window behind the kitchen sink.

LOWER MAINTENANCE – once you have pulled up a roman blind you sometimes have to handle the folds as they can get caught in the cords, you don’t have this problem with roller blinds.

NEW – ROLLER BLIND PELMETS – If you have your blind in a recess, you can now choose to have a smart pelmet made with it which covers the ‘roll’, is pattern matched to the main blind and is approximately 11 cm deep. This has revolutionised the use of roller blinds, making them much more attractive and so usable in all rooms of a house!

Also if you can’t reach the top of the window at all easily, a roller blind with a pelmet to hide the roll might be the right choice as you will have no need to reach to the top ever…maximum size for roller and roman blinds is 240cm x 240cm

BOTTOM BORDER: Think about using a contrasting colour for a border on the bottom edge of the blind, to add some interest.

All these can be made for you through our Made to Measure service. You can order your made to measure curtains, blinds and cushions straight from our website. The online guide will help you measure your windows for blinds. Watch the short video to the left to help you to make your decisions; you can also pop into my showroom to see my full range

All these fabrics are printed in the UK on a good weight of 100% Linen and Linen Union and are suitable for curtains, blinds, cushions, lampshades and upholstery. We hold a good stock of all our fabrics ensuring delivery is usually within 3-5 working days with an overnight service available. The same team, who take you order will roll, inspect and cut it, so accuracy and quality can be assured.

How to measure up for your Roller blind:

Inside a window recess

 Width: Measure the width of the recess from the left to the right (see E on the diagram) 

Length: Measure from the top of the recess to the bottom (see E on the diagram)

YOU ONLY NEED TO PROVIDE US WITH THE FULL RECESS MEASUREMENT - the maker will allow for the rolling mechanism when making the blinds (There will be a gap of about 1.5cm between the fabric and the recess wall which will allow some light through, even with a blackout lining)

Outside a window recess

Width: Measure the outside of the window recess (see F on diagram) and add at least 5cms on each side to minimise any light leaking through. 

Length: Measure from the required position above the window (we recommend adding at least 5cm), to the length you require (see F on the diagram)

This also applies to blinds that will be fitted to the outside of a door recess, we only need the width and length that you would like the finished blind to be.

Please note that if your roller blind is outside the recess, we have to allow for the mechanism at either side of the roller blind, which is usually 1.5cm each side. For example, if you want the fabric width of your blind to measure 100cm, you need to specify this upon placing your order otherwise our makers will assume it is the finished width, and cut the fabric down to 97cm with the remaining 3cm for the mechanism, i.e. 100cm full fabric width + 3cm for mechanism, making the finished width 103cm.

 Your Roller blinds will be delivered ready rolled complete with fittings.