Patchwork Fabric Boxes

As part of our efforts to reduce the amount of waste at Vanessa Arbuthnott, we have salvaged off-cuts and remnants received from our makers and anything gathered from our Sampling/Dispatch departments, to then sell as patchwork boxes.

All proceeds from the sale of these, and the larger boxes (details linked below), will go straight to Cirencester Signpost, a homeless charity that Vanessa has supported for many, many years. 

These have been very popular throughout the years helping customers create quilts, DIY interiors, crafting, gifts for loved ones/charitable donations, and also school projects. We ensure every piece is usable and of good quality. 

Small patchwork box measures - Height: 5cm x Depth: 23cm x Width: 22.5cm.

Another size is the much larger box of miscellaneous off cuts, again, all Vanessa Arbuthnott designs. Large box measures - Height: 24cm x Depth: 23cm x Width: 29cm.