Stair or Floor Runner

Our runners come in a width of 69cm. They are sold by the metre & cut to increments of 10cm, with the lowest length starting at 50cm. They can be fitted to your stairs as stair carpet runners, or be bound at both ends to create narrow width rugs, ideal for hallways and corridors. Each runner is made specially for you, to your measurements, and will be delivered to you within 4 weeks.

Floor runners: If the ends are bound in Jute, they can be dry cleaned. All fringed end floor runners are machine washable.

Stair Runners: We can provide all rugs as stair runners except the Geometric rug in Grey, Saffron and Winter. 


To calculate the length of a runner needed for a staircase. You need to measure the depth and height of each step, (tread and riser). Add these two together and then multiply by the total number of steps. You must allow an extra 5cm for each tread to allow enough for the runner to go over the front edge of each step; this also allows for the bulkiness of any underlay.