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Make a beautiful outdoor space!

With the Summer approaching us fast, it’s time to sweep the patio, uncover the garden furniture and dust off the BBQ. However, creating a beautiful outdoor dining and entertaining space can be daunting especially if you’re starting from scratch so here are our top tips and favourite colours and accessories to inspire you.

1. Invest in a good furniture set, wooden is ideal for all styles of garden being durable, timeless and weather hardy.

2. If you don’t have trees to provide shade, try adding a parasol. You can find these very easily at garden centers or, if you want something really special, have your own bespoke parasol made like ours from Sunbeam Jackie (we chose a selection of our Artisan fabrics)

1465 11a 51

3. Have a variety of scatter cushions on hand for your chairs and benches. You can order these made to measure through us or try making them yourself in a mixture of patterns and colours. If you go for a neutral furniture set, your cushions can easily be changed from time to time when you fancy a different look.

1298 36a 12

4. Have some oilcloth handy for lunches outside meaning you can easily clean up spills and crumbs. A top tip – if you aren’t using your oilcloth all the time, keep it rolled onto a cardboard tube to make sure it is crease free next time you do.

1365 62a 35

5. In a neutral colour scheme,  plant pots are a good way adding a splash of colour. Try growing wildflowers or a selection of herbs you can use for cooking.

6. If you have an outside wall to incorporate, try painting it in a cheerful colour or decorating with vintage signs, lanterns or even artwork.

7. Have plenty of candles, blankets and throws handy for when the sun goes in.

8. If you are looking for bright, cheery colours that work well together, one of our favourite colour combinations for using outside is a Sunny Saffron calmed with Duck Egg and Smoke blues. 

1231A 60a1574

9. When space is limited, for example a small patio, just a fold-able table and chair set with a beautiful tablecloth and some fresh flowers is perfect for making somewhere to have your morning coffee, read your book or have a cosy evening meal.

1104 22a 8


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A weekend in The Cotswolds

Come and help us celebrate the opening of our Spring/Summer showroom with a trip to the glorious Cotswolds!

On Saturday 13th May, we will be running an informal coffee morning here in our shop in the heart of Cirencester. Vanessa Arbuthnott will be talking through how she has developed her business over the last 17 years, giving helpful design tips and answering your questions.You will also be able to see our brand new room schemes which will include a cosy bedroom and a useful office space.

Please note that this talk will only have a certain amount of places, please ring us on 01285 831437 or email [email protected] to book your space and avoid disappointment! If you can’t make the 13th May but would still like to come and speak to one of our design advisers, please book your slot using our online calendar. These hourly sessions are free of charge and we can talk you through our large range of fabrics, wallpapers and furnishings as well as answering any questions you may have!  

If you would like to make a weekend of it, why not plan a stay with our neighbor, the beautiful Kings Head Hotel. They have offered some very exclusive rates for our customers only which can be booked by telephone on 01285 700900 (be sure to quote Vanessa Arbuthnott when you place your booking!)  The hotel oozes contemporary country cool with its old stone walls, wooden beams and original Roman mosaic.

Here are the King Heads exclusive offers…

  • Getaway Break – Dinner, Bed and Breakfast includes: Full English Breakfast in the Hotel Restaurant, 3 Course Dinner in the Hotel Restaurant, Complimentary Upgrade to Superior Room, Complimentary Gin Tray.  £200.00 per room, per night based on 2 sharing Sunday – Thursday. £50.00 Supplement per room per night for Friday and Saturday nights (please note some Friday / Saturday nights require a minimum 2 night stay which can be added on at the Best Available Rate)
  • Indulgent Spa Break – Treatment, Bed and Breakfast includes: Full English Breakfast in the Hotel Restaurant and a 25 minute treatment per person in our Subterranean Spa £158 per room, per night based on 2 sharing Sunday – Thursday. £50 supplement per room per night Friday and Saturday nights (please note some Friday / Saturday nights require a minimum 2 night stay which can be added on at the Best Available Rate. This offer can be upgraded to a Feature or Indulgent room category for £50.00 supplement per room per night)

For more information on the hotel please visit their website –


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My tips for creating a Swedish style kitchen

My tips for creating a Swedish Kitchen          

  • I have decorated my kitchen in linens from my Swedish Collection. When designing these, I hoped to create fabrics to bridge the gap between town and country being both classic and contemporary.
  •  Wooden floors are a must in any kitchen! They are practical for the muddy wellies, dogs, cats, the occasional chicken … and general kitchen traffic! Other great options are ceramic tiles or stone flags , both easy clean options.
  • For the wall colour, I chose a bright and warm orange, it’s social and motivational and works well with lots of other colours.
  • On the kitchen table, I’ve used my  Dawn Chorus oilcloth because is it light and cheery and perfect for protecting the top!
  • I  up-cycled a selection of vintage chairs, painting  them and sewing a variety of seat cushions using Up the Garden Path which picks out the vibrant orange of the walls, and the more subtle Stockholm Stripe and Pretty Maids.
  • For the kitchen cupboards – A mish-mash of old wooden cupboards are unified by being painted a gentle cream which works well with the brightly coloured walls. I have stapled fabric behind the chicken wire in a base unit for a country feel; this is inexpensive and visually breaks up the run of wooden cupboards.
  • Add some accessories, you can make a matching tea cosy and a few tea towels , nice touches and great way of  using up scraps!
  • For the lighting, I found a low central metal light fitting works well, you can hang it over your table for writing and playing after dinner board games.


My Swedish Kitchen

My Swedish Kitchen

Dawn Chorus in Duck Egg, Pumpkin and Winter

Dawn Chorus in Duck Egg, Pumpkin and Winter

Pretty Maids in Duck Egg, Pumpkin and W

Pretty Maids in Duck Egg, Pumpkin and W

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Guest Blog from Flora Arbuthnott – Natural Dyeing with Native Trees

Flora Arbuthnott, daughter of Vanessa explains the amazing natural dyes all which can be found right outside our front doors and why now is the perfect time to find them.

Dye your clothes with an autumn palette of colours extracted from woodland trees and hedgerow plants, and blend in to the woods. As the nights lengthen, the temperature drops, and the energy of trees and plants goes down into the roots and outward into the seeds. This is the time for gathering the bounty of fruits, nuts, roots, and barks for natural dyeing, as well as food and medicines.

Wild edges of hedges and woodlands are abundant with native berries. Drinking a stock of blackberries, elderberries, rowan, guelder rose, and hawthorn berries fortify our immune systems ready for the harsh winter months. Notice how they stain your skin. These berries dye fabric pink, purple, orange, and grey. Growing in amongst the hedge is lady’s bedstraw, a straggly plant that produces a red dye from the roots. Dig up one year old dock roots and dandelion roots for golden yellow colours, and a few burdock roots to roast for your dinner.

natural dyeing 5

Along the riverbank, find meadowsweet roots for a black dye, this could be confused with a young bramble if not for it’s distinctive red stem, alternate tiny leaves and large leaves, and the distinctive smell of antiseptic. Along the river, the Alder tree grows. When the tree is cut, the wood turns from white to red as if bleeding, this red dye can be extracted from the bark.

In the woods, look for trees rich with tannin. The mighty oak offers a golden brown dye obtained from the tannin filled galls and small pieces of bark. This can be transformed to a black ink with the addition of iron oxide. All parts of the walnut tree are used for dyeng. The outer green cases of the nuts produce deep browns and black. Apple and cherry barks offer soft pinks and oranges. Birch bark gives tan, brown and sometimes pink.

Curiously, many natural dye plants have healing properties for the skin. Meadowsweet and oak can be used as antiseptic. Alder leaves are put in the shoes of those walking great distances to ease their weary feet. Apple is a powerful cleanser of wounds as the juice restores skin tissue. Lay the internal side of Birch bark against the skin to relieve muscle pain. Dried Ladys bedstraw is stuffed in mattresses to repel insects, and the roots are used to dye sheets to prevent bedsores. By dyeing our clothes with these trees and plants, we are healing and protecting our skin with a rich aray of autumn colours that help us to blend into the season.

natural dyeing 1natural dyeing 2natural dyeing 6natural dyeing 7


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Guest Blog from Flora Arbuthnott – Shibori Dyeing


flora shibori

Flora Arbuthnott, daughter of Vanessa explains the ancient process of Shibori dyeing and the beautiful results you can achieve with this simple technique. Have a go yourself at home or book a course with Flora and get creating! 

Whether you choose to twist, stitch, scrumple, fold, turn, bind, or clamp the fabric, there are infinite possibilities of patterns with shibori.

Shibori is a traditional Japanese resist technique for creating patterns on fabric. Itajime is a quick and simple shibori technique of clamping folded fabric between two shaped blocks, fastening with a clamp, or string. The effect is satisfyingly immediate, enabling you to create dramatic geometric patterns in minutes. As well as using scrap wood to cut interesting shape blocks, it is also fun to use found objects. Buttons can be used for small circles, and jar lids are effective for large circles. Clothes pegs and bulldog clips can also make small marks with surprising effects. Bind thread around screws and baking beads for circular patterns, or simply tie the fabric in knots for a rippled effect. If you have nothing to hand, simply tying string around concertina folded fabric has beautiful effects.

In Japan, the shibori folded fabric is traditionally dipped in an indigo dye vat to create deep pure blue. The indigo is extracted from various plants that grow around the world, mainly Japanese indigo, Indigo Fera Tinctora, and Woad. The indigo is not water soluble, so a chemical or biological reaction is needed to extract the blue colour and set it in the cloth. Originally this was found through dipping fabric in a vat of indigo and stale urine (ammonia). The fabric would come out green and then oxidise in the air turning blue. Today, There are many different methods of creating an indigo vat. Michel Garcia has developed a natural method called the 1-2-3 vat combining an alkali (lime) and a reducing agent (fructose) with the indigo.

It is important to use natural fibres, such as linen, hemp, or organic cotton as the synthetic fibres will not bind with the indigo. Hand woven fabric lends itself well as the weave is looser allowing the dye to seep through the folds, achieving an even colour across the fabric, on the other hand, texture can really add to a design. Using this simple technique, of shibori and indigo, you can make yourself linen cushion covers, geometric scarves, and breathe new life in to old clothes.

Clothes pegs
Different effectsIndigo vatButton Circles

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Autumn Inspiration

Now we’re in September, it’s really starting to feel Autumnal! With the evenings drawing in and hints of orange on the trees, a change of season is a perfect time to re think your interiors and redecorate.

This Autumn we are enjoying using rich, bold colours such as indigo blues, rusty oranges and reds.  These shades are particularly wonderful for adding warmth to your room. A rug and a cosy knitted throw (we love the Hebridean Classic Throw from Lauras Looms) will give your room some texture and are great for breaking up block colours.  Lighting is really important especially in the winter time so a statement lamp is a great addition or you could try your hand at designing your own lampshade to fit onto a base! We run classes next door to our shop and showroom which can be booked online here.

Folky patterns are very on trend at the moment as are florals and all over designs. These can add an eclectic, soft feel to your space which is especially good for bedrooms and dining areas. It is great to mix and match, I find that using three colours is always successful when keeping things looking coordinated.

What are your favourite colours and styles this Autumn? We love to see what you have been doing…..


1465 36a 211465 08a 141465 10a 14



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The amazing ways colour can alter your mind….

Colour is an amazing thing. It can make us feel motivated, fill us with confidence, calm us or even spark romance! It affects our moods and our minds and is an important thing to consider when making your decorating choices.

Here we have narrowed down to 8 of the most popular colours and looked at the science behind them….


Represents serenity, intelligence and protection.

It has been proven that students exposed to blue before undertaking an exam were more successful and achieved greater results making it the perfect colour to paint your bedroom or office. Too much blue however can make a room feel cold and people feel unwelcome – be sure to balance this colour with warm undertones such as yellows and creams.

1231A 43a1256


Represents nature, balance and wealth.

Green is often used in bedrooms due to it’s natural calming nature. It is also said that green can prevent nightmares! In large doses it has been shown to make us experience feelings of envy and jealousy – the infamous green monster!

1140B CB610 17a 7


Represents energy, happiness and attention.

Yellow is the best colour to create enthusiasm and can awaken greater confidence and optimism. Too much yellow can cause distress and is best avoided in bedrooms, it is known that babies can cry more in yellow rooms. It is however perfect for creating sunny kitchens and bathrooms.

1298 44a 22


Represents reassurance and warmth.

Orange is a social colour often used in gyms and active wear brands due to its motivational, get up and go qualities. It is however seen as a negative colour in America and is often related to prison uniforms and Halloween! It is a great colour to use in your living and dining rooms.

1140B CB610 35a 6


Represents passion, optimism and adventure

Red is the colour of passion and is guaranteed to spark romance! It is also used a lot in food and drink branding across the world as it is known to stimulate appetite (think coca cola!) Works well in bedrooms and dining rooms.

Outdoor crop


Represents calm, sweetness and love

A lovely colour to use in bedrooms, pink can counteract anger and violence. In fact, a study at a US state prison showed that inmates were significantly calmer when exposed to Baker Miller Pink. However, in society pink can also represent a sense of immaturity, a lack of will power and self worth. This can be easily balanced with an injection of black and grey which work well with the lighter colour.

1140B CB610 06a 13


Represents creativity, spirituality and mystery

Lilac is proven to be the most spiritual colour, often linked with the area between earth and heaven and used a lot by spiritualists and mediums. Use it in your bathroom or bedroom for a calming space but remember to add in some other brighter tones as too much lilac can promote a feeling of depression in some.

1231A 55a1469

Grey & Black

Represents protection, formality and strength

Although it might not be the first colour that comes to mind, black implies self control and discipline. It also symbolises independence and a strong will and gives an impression of authority and power. However, it is worth remembering that too much black can cause depression and a negative environment so be sure to use in moderation! Grey is a very popular choice at the moment due to it’s versatility and works well in any room.  Yellow work particularly well with grey as a contrasting bright.

1298 41a 25

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New products in the shop

Some exciting news for this week are our new products available in our shop and to order online!

Our Tote Shoppers are made from our lovely oil cloth fabric which is fully wipe-able, meaning fully practical! Available in 3 different colour-ways of our Pretty Maids fabric, they are handmade to a very high standard right here in The Cotswolds!


Our fabric Peg Bags are also handmade and are generously sized. They too come in a range of designs….we’d love to know which one is your favourite!

_DSC0095 _DSC0096 _DSC0097

The Toes and Peg Bags are both priced at £22 each and make a lovely gift for a friend or perhaps a treat for yourself….!

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Competition Time! Most Beautiful Room…

We love hearing from customers and are always thrilled to receive photographs of your newly decorated rooms showing how you have used my fabrics and wallpapers etc.

This has inspired me to run a competition for the ‘Most Beautiful Room’ starting today which will be judged on August 1st by myself and my artist and designer daughters Rose and Flora. All qualities of photographs are fine so get snapping with your iphone! The winner will receive £250 in Vanessa Arbuthnott vouchers and 2 runners up will receive £100 in vouchers. I will share all of the photographs in the Happy Customers section on our website so keep an eye out for yours!

Please email your pics to [email protected] or post them to us at 12 Ashcroft Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1QX

Here is an example we’ve been sent to give you some ideas…we can’t wait to see yours!

b & b

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Do it Yourself

Here at VA we are always looking for ways to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and give much loved items a new lease of life.

A great way to do this is to upcycle your vintage and classic furniture pieces with a piece of bright and beautiful new fabric and even better, a lot of the time this is something you can do yourself with a little bit of patience and determination!

1365 63a 36cropSwedish  Collection 16- Hi ResVanessa_Arbuthnott_2015_06_LR

Something like a stool or a dining chair is fairly straight forward to re-cover, all you will need is your fabric of choice and a good quality staple gun. You can then measure how much you need, cut out your template and staple your fabric tightly from the underneath. To finish off with a really professional look, you could attach another piece of fabric over the top to hide your edges.

You can also get creative with co-ordinating home accessories such as napkins and covered boxes – our Home Sewn Home book has some ideas to get you started from simple cushions to something more challenging such as a padded headboard!

If you have a larger piece of furniture that requires some TLC seek out your local upholsterer – they really can work wonders! We have had our beloved Ercol Daybed covered in Scandi Stripe Warm to give it a contemporary and fresh feel.

                                                                   1298 34a 26

If you fancy a smaller project to start you off, we now have a Scrap Basket here in our showroom – perfect for picking up smaller bits of fabric for putting together bunting, patchwork bags, hot water bottle covers, napkins….

Swedish  Collection 21- Hi Res944 09a0001tipi

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