Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
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Luxury Fabric for Furniture

Find the perfect linen fabric colour, pattern and texture for your project in my collections of 100% linen fabrics and my linen unions.

My fabrics are very versatile and go beyond just curtains and blinds, our fabric designs are also useful for furniture upholstery and handmade sofas.

With my printed fabrics, I very carefully chose a mid-weight upholstery fabric which would be heavy enough for upholstery yet not too heavy for curtains!

Linen upholstery fabrics provide a good and more natural alternative. They are hardwearing so they can be used for upholstery, even with the optional fire retardant interlining, in order to make your furniture safe.

Linen fabric has a lovely texture, can last up to twenty years without deteriorating so is incredibly durable.

What is the best fabric to use for furniture upholstery?

I have developed a range of PLAIN LINEN UNIONS -There are seventeen beautiful colours to compliment my patterned designs and designer plain linen fabrics. This unique upholstery linen cloth is made from a mix of linen and organic cotton which is woven especially for me in Scotland.

It is in a heavier weight yarn making it hard-wearing and particularly suitable for linen upholstery fabric, and lampshades.

In addition all my 100% linen fabrics and printed Linen Unions look gorgeous on sofas, arm chairs and lampshades – 100% Linen is a great fabric to work with and it feels lovely on the skin, it is a more ecological alternative than manmade fibres for upholstery textiles.

Our range of fabrics for furniture upholstery

There is a vast variety of design options for you to explore, the furniture you choose to upholster can be matched and contrasted well with your curtains, roller blinds etc., which in turn can be made with the coordinating, same or similar designs.

I have several different styles of sofas and chairs we can cover especially for you in any of my fabrics, from traditional to contemporary in style. We also have different styles and sizes of lampshades we can make for you; these can really complete an interiors project and look fabulous.

The choice of fabrics is really down to individual taste; patterns and plains can look equally good made into curtains and on upholstery.

Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
Free Fabric Samples Available