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Wildflower Fabrics

Our Wildflower fabrics take their inspiration from the delicate shapes of cow parsley, dog roses, daisies and dandelions found in hedgerows, gardens and woodland. Cow parsley fabric is one of our most beautiful wildflowers giving so much pleasure in May and June. The timeless Cow Parsley fabric, showing small simplistic butterflies sitting on the heads of the quintessential English wildflower. 

With Dandelion Trellis we celebrate the fun and beauty of dandelion clocks.

Vanessa's bold floral fabric Wild Rose, inspired as suggested by its name, from the delicate shape of hedgerow Dog Roses. The same flower head is depicted in Song Birds, making the two floral fabrics easy to use together in the same room.

Song Birds make beautiful yellow and grey floral fabric curtains and blinds, with its slightly Oriental pattern: between the florals and birds are gentle meandering vertical stripes filled with delicate lines and spots. This design is also available as a  Wall Covering. Bird pattern Fabrics and wallpapers work particularly well in bedrooms, sitting rooms, bathrooms and hallways.

Lazy Daisy is my most classic pink English wildflower fabric. In gentle soft hues of pink, the daisy flower heads nod to each other and create an old English cottage garden feel. This design also comes in a larger scale in a Duck Egg Blue flower fabric called French Floral, perfect for feminine bedroom floral curtains.

You can order your made to measure cushions, blinds and curtains straight from our website. The online guide will help you measure your windows for curtains and blinds. 

Each bespoke item is beautifully made in our local workshops by professionals, hand finished with great care and attention. Our makers use traditional methods and take a real pride in what they do. With made to measure, there is no need to compromise; you can create a unique look with your choice of fabric and those important finishing touches that will complement and coordinate your home.