Made to Measure Blue Lampshades

Can I use your blue fabrics to make my lampshade with?

Yes you can choose any of my fabrics to make your lampshade in our made to measure service.  Read More...

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Made to Measure Lampshades

Can I use your blue fabrics to make my lampshade with?

Yes you can choose any of my fabrics to make your lampshade in our made to measure service. 

You can choose between an empire or a drum shape and many different sizes.

Which of your blues are cold and which are warm?

There are of course many different shades of blue as with all colours; from the cooler shade of Cornflower and Indigo to the softest shades of Sky Blue and Speedwell. Teal takes its name from a bird named the 'Common Teal' which has a Teal stripe on its head. Teal is a mixture of blue and green. It can be mixed with white to make it lighter or with grey for the adverse effect.

Teal is a strong colour, but being from the blue family of shades it is a rare combination of strength and quietness in one. There are few colours that you can use throughout a whole scheme and not feel utterly overwhelmed, teal is one of those. With such a breadth of tones it can cheerfully be employed for Teal upholstery fabric, underfoot as rugs and on the walls as the backdrop to the lot.

My newest blue is called Powder Blue; it’s a wonderful warm blue which makes it a good choice for bedrooms as well and living rooms. One of my most popular Powder Blue fabrics is Fruit Garden with its coordinates May Blossom and Sepals and Petals.

Duck Egg blue is my best selling blue colour and was inspired by the Farrow and Ball colour 'Light Blue'. I created my first Duck Egg Blue living room design 25 years ago, hand mixing paint and printed curtain fabrics to blend with the room.   I was so charmed by this colour that I took it on into my collections over the next 19 years and it has proved to last the test of time. The shade of my duck egg blue colour fabric is a hard colour to describe...neither just blue...nor green, nor grey... but a blend of all of them. It is a colour that never dates in my view and is very easy on the eye; it doesn't challenge the eye in busy kitchens and living room designs and equally creates a serene feeling of calm. My main Duck Egg blue fabric designs are Cow Parsley, Acorn and Leaf, Swallow Dive, Down To Earth and Up the Garden Path to name a few…

There are many coordinating fabrics for the main Duck Egg Blue fabrics namely stripes, spots and plains. See my French Ticking, Stockholm Stripe, Pretty Maids, Plain Dotty, and many more.

You can order your made to measure lampshade straight from our website.

Each bespoke item is beautifully made in our local workshops by professionals, hand finished with great care and attention. Our makers use traditional methods and take real pride in what they do. With Made to Measure, there is no need to compromise; you can create a unique look with your choice of fabric and those important finishing touches that will complement and coordinate your home. There are four shapes to choose from: Empire, Drum, Pleated, and Candle (always sold as a pair), along with several size options.