The amazing ways colour can alter your mind…

Colour is an amazing thing. It can make us feel motivated, fill us with confidence, calm us or even spark romance! It affects our moods and our minds and is an important thing to consider when making your decorating choices.

Here, we have narrowed down to 8 of the most popular colours and looked at the science behind them.


Represents serenity, intelligence and protection.

It has been proven that students exposed to blue before undertaking an exam were more successful and achieved greater results making it the perfect colour to paint your bedroom or office. Too much blue however can make a room feel cold and people feel unwelcome – be sure to balance this colour with warm undertones such as yellows and creams.



Represents nature, balance and wealth.

Green is often used in bedrooms due to its natural calming nature. It is also said that green can prevent nightmares! In large doses it has been shown to make us experience feelings of envy and jealousy – the infamous green monster!



Represents energy, happiness and attention.

Yellow is the best colour to create enthusiasm and can awaken greater confidence and optimism. Too much yellow can cause distress and is best avoided in bedrooms, it is known that babies can cry more in yellow rooms. It is however perfect for creating sunny kitchens and bathrooms.



Represents reassurance and warmth.

Orange is a social colour often used in gyms and active wear brands due to its motivational, get up and go qualities. It is however seen as a negative colour in America and is often related to prison uniforms and Halloween! It is a great colour to use in your living and dining rooms.



Represents passion, optimism and adventure

Red is the colour of passion and is guaranteed to spark romance! It is also used a lot in food and drink branding across the world as it is known to stimulate appetite (think coca cola!) Works well in bedrooms and dining rooms.



Represents calm, sweetness and love

A lovely colour to use in bedrooms as pink is quite calming and easily balanced with an injection of black and grey, which work really well with the lighter colour.



Represents creativity, spirituality and mystery

Lilac is proven to be the most spiritual colour, often linked with the area between earth and heaven and used a lot by spiritualists and mediums. Use it in your bathroom or bedroom for a calming space, but remember to add in some other brighter tones for balance.


Grey & Black

Represents protection, formality and strength

Although it might not be the first colour that comes to mind, black implies self control and discipline. It also symbolises independence and a strong will and gives an impression of authority and power. However, try not to incorporate too much black; be sure to use in moderation! Grey is a very popular choice due to its versatility and works well in any room. Yellows work particularly well with grey as a contrasting bright colour.