Oilcloth Fabric

Having printed the cloth as usual we then send it off to be further processed, it is coated with a wipeable PVC, returned to us and we then cut it to any length orders by our customers.

Designer oilcloth fabric is extremely useful for busy households with children who have endless sticky fingers and spillages...save the cost of endless tablecloth washing.

I have chosen Pretty Maids for these tablecloths because this is a multi-directional design, meaning it looks the same from every angle of the table you are sitting at!

This comes in glorious range of colours from subtler Cay and Sweet Pea to the bolder Saffron and Winter.

What is your oilcloth material good for?

The other oilcloth fabric I make is Plain Dotty in Duck Egg, which is so subtle and pretty, and would integrate with many other colour schemes in a kitchen.

These designs are so subtle that they can be used in a dining room too….and all looks wonderful in a garden too…

You can cover high chairs, cover prams and make wash bags for this water proof wipeable material.

What purpose does it suit best, in terms of material durability?

Oilcloth is very strong and durable; it can stain from curry, bolognaise and felt tips etc. most stains can be removed by using at tiny amount of neat bleach on top of the stain.

It isn’t a good idea to put it in the washing machine, just wiped with hot soapy water will suffice.

Made in the UK
100% Certified Organic Cotton
Free Fabric Samples Available